Deer Hunter Mod APK v5.2.4 (Unlimited Money + Glu Coins) Download

Deer Hunter Mod APK v5.2.4

Everyone urges to be up to the trends and those trends keep on changing from time to time, for the sake of newness. Everyone seeks newness. Likewise, game developers attempt to develop games that the huge public attracts to, because of their newness and popularity. Game developers are frequently developing games about new and different topics. Any time, a new game is developed, everyone commences playing it. There is a game ‘Deer Hunter Mod APK’ that has been designed by Glu. Having a rating of 4.3/5, this is an exhilarating game with millions of downloads.

If you love hunting, then this game is the best fit for you and you can enjoy it to the fullest. The game has a different plot, unlike regular war games, in which your target is to kill enemies and triumph in battle.  This hunting simulator game let the players hunt animals across the world from Africa to Alaska. Become a master in shooting skills by playing this game. You must be professional in firing skills so you can hunt animals very easily. Hunt animals not to be hunted by them.

Shoot the rapacious animals before they come near to you to harm you. Enjoy a real hunting experience as the impressive graphics of this game make you feel like being the real part of the scenario. You can play this game online and keep your sight on the leaderboard to set high scores. Its graphics, weapons, and other features allow you to enjoy this game. So, download this game to have an electrifying experience. The entire information about the game is given below. Look through the whole information.

Pros and Cons


·        New stuff update – this impressive game is frequently updated with new stuff so you can explore more and more. Don’t get stuck in the same old features as this game brings new features. This feature makes sure that you enjoy this game fully without finding it boring.

·        Unrequired root – you do not require any root to download this game on your device.

·        Free game – this game is totally free. It does not involve in-app purchases and this feature heightens the demand for this game.

·        Virus-free – it is a 100% protected and secure game. Your devices remain completely protected after downloading this game. You will face no security issues such as viruses and malware. It cannot harm the devices and the data within them in any way.


·        Sensitive Content – as this game is about hunting animals so the children and sensitive people find the content sensitive, which is not suitable for them.

·        App performance – some users have complained about the app that it tends to crash at times and the users have to face bugs. This issue needs to be resolved permanently so the players can enjoy it wholly.


Look through the amazing features, which make this game popular enough.

·        Impressive graphics – get a real hunting experience with the amazingly impressive graphics of this game.

·        Hunt across the world – the game offers the players to hunt all around the world from African areas to Alaska. It offers you all a hunter looks for.

·        Shooting prowess – master the shooting prowess to become a professional shooter so that you can shoot the predatory animals before they approach you.

·        Automated backup – running out of guns in an extreme firing scene makes you worried. But you don’t need to worry about it as you don’t need to reload the weapons while playing this game. Don’t bother if you are facing a shortage of weapons since it would not be an obstacle for shooting and hunting.

·        Firearms collection and customization – meet your demands and requirements. This game is all about shooting so collect and customize firearms in accordance with your own choice.

·        Leaderboard – keep updated with the scores and your performance. Set high scores to join the leaderboard.

·        Gain Trophies – there are different challenges to be solved for gaining trophies.

Mod Features

·        Enhanced performance – enjoy a better experience since the game performance has been enhanced.

·        Optimization – its high optimization allows the game to get optimized across all the devices.

·        Total rounds – the number of rounds has been increased in the game so that you will have more and more challenges to deal with. It certainly enhances your interest and courage.

·        Unlimited gold – you are offered with an unlimited amount of gold in the game so you can buy whatever you want without worrying about budget issues.

·        Error fixes – now you can have a smooth game since all the major as well as minor errors have been fixed.

·        Immense weapon battery – the weapons come with an immense battery so you will not have to face battery-relating concerns. The weapons have infinite battery amounts, allowing you not to run out of weapons.

·        Technical bugs – this game had a few technical bugs, which have been resolved now so that you can enjoy it to the fullest.

Installation Process

Follow up a few rather easy and simple steps to download this exhilarating game. Follow the below-mentioned  steps in a respective order.

·        Step 1 – Open the security settings on your android device for enabling the Unknown sources.

·        Step 2 – once you are done with it, go to the downloading link and click on it so the downloading gets started from the internet.

·        Step 3 – as the download completes, open the file manager on your device and search the Deer Hunter Mod APK.

·        Step 4 – click on it after you find the file. It lets the game be installed.


Q. Who is the developer of this mind-blowing game?

The developer of this game is Glu.

Q. What file size does the game come in?

The game comes in an 85 MBs file size.

Q. Can this game be played offline?

No. Since this is an online game, it cannot be played offline.

Q. Is the Deer Hunter Mod APK a popular game?

Yes, it is a popular game. It has millions and millions of downloads.

Q. What is the age limit for this game?

As the game involves shooting animals, which is sensitive content for children and some people. So, this game is not suitable for the age limit of children.

Q. Is the Deer Hunter Mod APK a safe game?

Yes, the game is absolutely safe as it does not harm your device and/or data at all.

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