Geometry Dash mod apk v2.111 Full Version 2022

Geometry Dash mod apk v2.111 Ful

Now enjoy the cinematic experience even while playing games. Making it possible is in your hand. The content seems more appealing when it involves excellent sound quality and settings besides visual graphics.

A game, named Geometry Dash mod apk v2.111 offers you the stuff you feel attracted to. In this article, the details of this game are given so you can play and enjoy it to the fullest having know-how of all the features. It was developed in 2013. This 2D game has background reinforcing music at every level and this music does vary at each level. This action game proffers you complete entertainment. Be energetic enough to compete with opponents.

This game is accessible both through the Play store and the official website. The sole con of this game is that it is not free. But it’s not the matter that thwarts you from playing this game. Download this game just by paying 180 rupees. You are just that much away. After paying the amount, you will be able to enjoy playing this exciting game.

The attractiveness of this app can be determined by its downloaded figure that it has been purchased by more than 5 million users. Have different new experiences in its all 21 different levels. When it comes to connectivity, the game lets you play it both in online and offline modes. Its compatibility is both with iOS and android users. It is designed for desktop and mobile phone users.

Over time, modifications have been made to give you more and more and many people are surely attracted to that newness. The advanced and upgraded features are the basic causes of that attraction. The same phenomenon takes place in the gaming world. The invention of mod versions has brought a revolution in the gaming world. Let’s look through one such example.

Geometry Dash apk vs Geometry Dash mod apk

Geometry Dash apk

Geometry Dash apk is a game that revolves around the spider, whom you are supposed to protect. Your task is to make the spider hit all the challenges coming its way to win your challenge. There is a square-shaped dice called a spider and it needs to be landed safely on the rectangle-shaped tiles. Lift the spider to let it be safe from all the obstacles being placed on both the ground and air as well. It is full of diversity. The extent of newness and hardships increases as per the levels. You will undergo more difficulties as you are completing more and more challenges. The background music keeps changing in each level.

In times of severity, the spider can go to the spaceship that is available in the game seldom. That spaceship remains in the air, not coming to the ground since the ground is the spot of obstacles. But there are a few moments when the option of using a spaceship can be availed since we have to face air obstacles either and protect the spaceship from them. After some time, the spider will be left as the spaceship disappears. Keep listening to the lovely background music and try to save the spider by lifting it on rectangle tiles. Play the game as per your level and understanding. The game comes in three different modes i.e., easy, medium, and hard.

Geometry Dash mod apk

After the Geometry Dash apk, came the Geometry Dash mod apk which is the hacked version of the one introduced first. Pay no amount of money to download this game. This version contains numerous features so the players can get a better gaming experience than before. Everything is available for free in this game which allows you to get rid of watching ads in the middle of the game. Different levels of the game are unlocked, making it wholly free of cost.  Enjoy all the features for free in this version which in the official game you were paying for.

Do you want some amendments? Then, do so as unlimited money is offered to the players so they can upgrade the color and design of the spider and spaceship. The spider in this game is indomitable. Enjoy this differently-themed game.


·        Unlimited money – you can fulfill your needs while being in need as you get unlimited money in this mod apk.

·        Unlock the resources – unlock different resources so you can use them in the game to win the challenging levels. These resources include colors, death effects, icons, etc.

·        Unlocked levels – with amazing background music, lots of levels are unlocked  in this game. Play the level according to your choice and mood.

·        Unconquerable – the spider in this game is unconquerable. It does not let you lose the game since the unconquerability of the spider allows it to go through the obstacles.

·        Anti-banned – although it is a hacked version, it never gets banned. The official game developers ban players’ game ids if they use any hacked feature, but this mod permits the users to use the same id without getting banned.

·        No ads – while playing this game, there is no need to unlock any feature as all the features are already unlocked. And this feature helps you to get rid of watching ads, You do not need to watch ads so enjoy the ads-free game.

·        Customization – customize different features to make the game seem more attractive. Change the color and design of icons, spaceships, and spiders to revel in the game to the fullest, enjoying modifications.


The difference between the Geometry Dash apk and Geometry Dash mod apk has been traced. Geometry Dash apk has 21 different levels, and it is a paid game. In this game, you must pass the spider from all the obstacles safely without hitting them. On winning the game, you will get coins that you can use to customize the spider, spaceship, and other features in the future.

Geometry Dash mod apk is the mod version that offers you all the features for free. It is a hacked version so it can be downloaded from any website freely. Enjoy the amazing features it offers to you, without burdening up your pocket. Make the enjoyment more enjoyable by paying nothing.


Q. Are we required to purchase the Geometry Dash mod apk?

No, you are not required to purchase this game. 

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