Grand Theft Auto Vice City APK v1.09 (Money/Ammo) + Data Android

Vice City APK v1.09

Playing without any restriction of the device may be the best thing for a battlefield game-lover. And when it is a fighting game besides being the most played game. What do you want more than that? Commonly known as GTA, Grand Theft Auto City APK is the game in which the players have different weapons to fight. Having control of automatic weapons on your chosen device absolutely gives you a stimulating feel. Get a scary feel of the battlefield which seems original since you have many options for choosing tools and weapons. You can play this game on Windows, PlayStation, Android, iOS, and Xbox.

People might have played the game involving police and thieves since childhood but never found out what this game has had. To be the police or not to be. You can be the police or a thief. Choose either of the roles as it is utterly up to you. Experience the exhilarating fighting scenario. In this game, there are police and thieves who come to the city for loot and to make their mission possible. This all is just a fair few clicks away.

You need to know about more than weapons and customization so that whatsoever the role you choose, you could and would be the best fit for it. This game has interesting features, which you need to know about. So, let’s go ahead with the whole information.

Pros and Cons


·        Addictive game – if you love fighting and battlefield games lover, this game will become your addiction.

·        Amazing graphics – its amazing graphics proffer you a lot more than other fighter games do, making it one of its own kind.


·        Amount to be paid – unlike other games, this game demands some payment. It requires some amount to be downloaded. Those who demand free leisure time for free do not find it suitable for them.


·        Replete with special twists and features, this game becomes your addition if you love fighter games. Both for teenagers and adults, it is an addictive game.

·        This game has amazing graphics, which are far better than many other games. This rare game provides a sense of war to the players that seem original. The fighter games available on Google Play Store do not offer you the entertainment to the extent this game does.

·        Play the game as a policeman or a thief either.

·        The game has a wide range of weapons, and you can choose any of them to fight. You are provided with several weapons since the function of each weapon differs from the other.

·        Customize your game, location, its graphics, and much more as this game comes with different customization options.

·        This game can easily be downloaded and played on different systems as it is compatible with iOS, Android, Windows, PlayStation, and Xbox.

·        Get the proper controls to have an utmost feel of live war by availing the controllers, which the game is compatible with.

·        Unlike other action games, this game cannot be got for free. This game costs an amount to be downloaded but this amount is not so huge.

·        It is a secure game to download because it is totally virus-free and has no security threats.

Installation Process

·        Look through a process to download this game.

·        To download it, first go to the setting on your gadget.

·        Open the security option and start searching for Unknown sources to enable them.

·        Enable the Unknown sources. On enabling it, a warning message pops up on your screen but there is nothing to worry about as it is completely safe to be downloaded.

·        Now, click on the download link.

·        As the download gets completed, open the file manager on the phone.

·        In the android folder, find out the GTA APK file.

·        Click on the Install button to get ready to play this amazing game.


Q. Can this game be installed for free?

No, this game cannot be installed for free in any system.

Q. Can this game be played on different systems?

Yes, this game can be played on different systems such as Android,  iOS, Windows, PlayStation, and Xbox. Its compatibility is set higher by the developers since it is the most played game.

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