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Modern Combat 5 MOD Apk1

The action game remains the most favourite game category of the decade. Gamers are more prone to experience the king that they cannot face in the real life. This is the way to get the right ride to the fantasy world that most people admire. Plenty of FPS is available online providing its players with an outstanding ride to the world of wars and snipping with lively images along with robust sound effects. The Brand New Modern Combat 5 Mod Apk is among the world’s most famous first-person shooting plays.

The game modern combat 5 mod APK 1 possesses top-ranked 3D graphics and extraordinary gameplay. The new edition of the modern combat series ranks 5th among the best first-play games. It is a war-fighting game in which you face different difficulties and loads of excitement during the missions. Plenty of mods available for you to have the number of entertainment levels for your daily gaming dose, once you enter the game you cannot get the escape easily as the game is quite addictive. 

Modern Combat 5 MOD

The game has already been downloaded almost 100 million times on the Google Play store. The ranking is continuously moving high with each passing day. The games might look difficult to you but the interface of the game is quite easy along with its control you can easily play this game without any hassle.  

About Modern Combat 5 APK

The old and real version of the game modern combat 5 APK can easily be downloaded online or from any play store. The game was famously developed by the Gameloft SE company. The application of the game is free and a few features of the game bear paid access.

The game offers plenty of modes different for single and multiple players. You can enter the battlefield against other players to fight and also in one mode you can go on a rampage and do assassination the opponents without any fear – both are fair plays.

Game also offers you the choice to play single or with a team. You can also get involved in making plans with your team and show your game tactics. You need to playfully enter the combat and show your snapping skills in order to get higher ranks on the board.

Modern Combat 5 (1)

About modern combat 5 Mod APK

However, the new mod of the game is a modern combat mod version that is also available online and is free to download. The new version has all the same gaming features and modes that the real game possesses. You can download the free version from our website as well. All the graphics are the same and the robust sound makes its version as lively as the APK version.

There is only one addition in the feature and that is no ads gameplay. Yes, you have heard it just right, you can enjoy this gameplay without any disturbance of ads and enjoy an uninterrupted mission in the new version. Another exciting feature is that you can get all the tools and weapons in the game and access all the missions without spending anything.

The game provides you unlimited coins to unlock all the desired missions and weapons without paying any actual money. Instead of earning coins by hunting missions, the new version offers unlimited money to its users along with the installation. The new version is more enjoyable and engaging.


The game has plenty of robust characters that you can select as a player with outstanding outfits and stylish gadgets along with powerful arsenals. You can also customize your character styling using different tools and make your character look like yourself as well.


Weapons are the most important part of the war fields and they remain with the player i.e. the fighters throughout the mission. There is a number of weapons available in the game for example sniping rifles, machine guns and other different handguns for gamers. All the weapons can we all weapons need to be upgraded and unlocked with the coins you earn.

Distinctive Gaming Modes

Modern Combat 5 is available on different gaming boards you can play in both single-player and multiple-player versions. The main modes available in the game include daily fights, single-player campaigns, death matches among the team, battle Royale, tag or flag, pushing payload and other ultimate pro modes. Each mode has its own distinctive features and combat rules and regulations for stopping every mod are completely enjoyable.

Multiple players

In multiplayer mode, you get to play against different players in the game. You can play in a group against a group too. Internal crew, each individual has their different obligations which all of you should achieve for winning. Another amazing feature of the multi-player function is that you can chat with other team members in an audio chat option. However, you need to slow down your controls in order to hold an effective conversation with your squad.

Combat Styles

The game featured 10 unique classy modern combat styles for you to adopt. You can adapt snippy, heavy, assaulty, bounty hunter and many other styles for an effective fight during combat.

Thus, modern combat 5 blackout mod APK Q1 he’s the best online shooting game so far that has the deadliest weapons and robust gaming characters that fight amazingly in all the combat fighting and with their sharp moves and extraordinary shooting skills, you became the champ of the battleground. Exciting modes and missions of the game never left you bored. However, the realistic graphics is the extra topping.

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Q. Is there any disconnected gaming mode accessible in Modern Combat 5 Mod Apk?

No, you can’t play it disconnected in any event, for the single-player mode you really want steady Web access.

Q. Is it protected to download the hacked form of the game Modern Combat 5 Apk?

Indeed, the hacked form is protected, this adaptation is tried by an antivirus program and shown to be secure from any malware or bug.