Modern Warplanes Mod Apk v1.20.1 Unlimited Money and Gold

Modern Warplanes Mod Apk v1.20.1

Have you ever wanted to experience military warfare journeys? Now, it is possible. You can experience it now very easily. Get your taste by playing an interesting game that has been introduced in the action gaming world. In this article, the game that is introduced is named Modern Warplanes Mod Apk v1.20.1 Unlimited Money and Gold.

After playing this game, you will get to know about numerous concepts ranging from modern supersonic jet fighters to military crafts. Learn about the tactics the military use to fight for and ultimately save the nation. Imagine a scenario being filled with thrill everywhere around you. Sky fight, warfare between players, the thunder of missiles, and a full smoky atmosphere – what an invigorating environment you are in. You could be a part of this environment enjoying all that by installing this game on your device. What an exciting experience you will have while playing this incredible game. But the thrill is not ended here!

Modern Warplanes Mod Apk v1.20.1

Do you want to experience the air force world by diving into it? This game lets you do so. Either fight the combats solo or with a squad in the air to get air domination. Make different impossible sky missions possible, which are presented solely for you to keep you engaged in the clouds. Enhance your fighting experience by fighting in the sky. In this game, you are supposed to show up who is the boss by spreading your steel wings. The game includes the advanced and best military aircraft such as aircraft of top air forces,  prototypes of air jets, and supersonic jet fighters.

Choose what you prefer – player vs player mode or getting teamed up. The utmost thing you must make sure of is your survival throughout the game. Take off from your carrier to either join a team of special ops airplanes and air fighters or appear in the warfare alone to fight a solo fighter. Defeat your enemies in the air-based combat zone to become a well-known pilot and declared to be like the special ops fighter by showing up your tactics in the deadly aircraft. Do all that for the sake of survival.

Pros and Cons


·        Pragmatic gameplay – the entire situation in the game seems original and real, allowing the players to feel like a part of the warfare. This highly pragmatic game has enchanting graphics, effects, and sounds. It lets you dive into the world of air battles, without giving you the thought that you are just playing it on your devices.


·        Bugs – the game initially has some crashes and bugs. Such crashes made the makers awake to sort them out as soon as possible. So, those bugs are now being taken care of but haven’t been sorted out altogether.


·        Mind-blowing graphics – the mind-blowing graphics of this game acts as another factor to attract you towards it. There are many games like F-16 and F-22 Lightning 3, which have astonishing realistic graphics and visual effects. Modern warplanes developers always try their best to introduce and ensure giving you a better graphical experience. Feel yourself in the clouds instead of just playing the game with the help of 3D realistic plane models as well as astounding visual effects. The overall graphics of the game are undeniably exceptional.

·        Upgrade the system – do you want to be the best fighter? Then upgrade your system to fulfill your desire. Get the best jets, weapons, and speed to meet the criterion of the best thunder champion. As always, you must go through and commence with the basics to attain the best of the best. Upgrade your whole character, armor, and speed. In Modern warplanes, avail the epic upgrade system to reload time and other features.

·        Online fight – online fighting enhances the charm of your leisure time. Fight against the world’s well-equipped top pilots from all around the world such as the pilots from Brazil, Germany, India, Pakistan, Russia, the UK, the US, and other notoriety air fighters countries.

·        Dream comes true – what more do you want than having everything of your choice in the game? But how is it possible? Now, the Modern Warplanes Mod Apk has made it possible. You are totally free to choose the modes. Fight using any of the online or offline fighting modes. Be part of an army, navy, or air force since you can fight against your rivals in the ground, water, or sky. Fight alone using player vs player mode or join a team. The player vs player mode includes missiles, steel bullets, and supersonic jets so that you can compete with the rival to the fullest while being in any of the locations of your choice such as hot deserts, mountains, or some other location. It all lets your dream come true.

·        Munitions – machine guns or whizzes, bursts or lasers – anything you want can be availed by you. Showing steel wings is not the step the game ends at but you are supposed to do a bit more. Lead the sky wars by putting any of the 40 top gun types that the game offers you with. The game offers you a vast array of munitions including but not limited to lasers, rockets, missiles, and machine guns. Must be well-equipped to run into warfare.

·        Rewards – to keep you engaged and playing fervently, the developers have set daily bonuses and rewards for you. Encounter limitless battles to attain rewards after each battle.

·        Airliners – in this game, there are over 30 types of air force airliners. You can choose the airliner you want very easily. It contains several airliners such as Boeing, Blackbird, Falcon, MIG, Nighthawk, Raptor, Raven, a 6th generation top gun fighters’ model, or a real-world thunder military plane. Just mention what you look for and you will have it.

·        Jet fighters – there are different planes in the game and each one comes with unique abilities. Each jet is designed specifically with its own top guns on its wings. Those jets seem like real-world jets.

·        Grip on controls – get the utmost control over your jet in combat to be a heroic flyer. The game has easy and simple controls. Have a strong grip on controls for taking off from the carrier, performing landings, controlling airliner speed, and much more.

·        Modifications – the game gives you over 26 camo styles that are unlocked for all the modes so you can modify the wings to prevail. Modify the settings as per your requirements.

·        Higher the ranks – strategize the things to higher your ranks from rookie air fighter to Air Force General. Enjoy the exhilarating death or team matches with your friends. Be the solo fighter or make your team with your friends to fight against the contenders.

·        Errors – get a better experience than before since all the bugs have been fixed now, to give you smooth playing time.

Installation Process

·        Clack on the provided link to save the game app on your device.

·        Be patient as it takes a few minutes to be downloaded. Meanwhile, go to the system settings.

·        Allow the installation process from the Unknown resources by going to the security settings to 

·        To install the game, go back to the downloaded file and click on it.

·        The game will have been installed.


Q. Is this game safe to install?

Yes, the game does not require root. So, it is utterly safe to install.

Q. What languages does the game support?

The sole language the game supports is English.

Q. Does this game be played solo or with a team?

This exciting game can be played in either of the modes, solo or with a team.

Q. Is this game accessible from all over the world?

Yes, this game is accessible from all around the world anytime.

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