Nova 3 Mod Apk v5.8.3c + Data Highly Compressed OBB Download

Nova 3 Mod Apk v5 (1)

We all love to play games as per our tastes but the games involving action are the games we all are attracted to. Action games come with a mutual feature of gaining huge attraction. There are numerous action games with certain new, unique, and amazing features. Today, in this article, you will come to know about another amazing action game, which you have played or have been playing. The famous Gameloft has developed a very well-liked game named Nova 3 Mod Apk v5.8.3c + Data Highly Compressed OBB Download, having millions of downloads. 

Although the size of this app is heavy, the huge file size is not a matter of concern for game lovers, who keep downloading and playing the games without any such considerations. Despite its amazing storyline, its awesome average rating is another reinforcement for the players to download this game.

This game contains awesome features, one of which is the multiplayer mode. So that you can play this exhilarating game with your game partners all across the world. It has much more for the users. If you love sci-fi movies or dramas, then you cannot stay away from this game since it is all that you are looking for. You will have a flashback of all the sci-fi movies you have watched while playing this game. This invigorating game is all about saving the world and being a hero, you must save humans from the aliens – and for this, you have to strive a lot. This game proffers you very much and by having all this, you will fall in love with this game.

Undergo different challenging levels to meet your destination. In each level you have a more adventurous gaming experience and it has different levels to offer you a lot. The game has Mod features, catching the attention of many players. Fight for the survival of humans from a different-world creature. It’s all about fighting that fight as much as you can unless all the humans become saved. In this article, there are complete details of the game. Look through the entire information to enjoy it to the fullest.

Pros and Cons


·        For all age groups – whatever age you belong to, this game remains suitable for you. It has been developed having a thought for all age groups. This harmless game has neither any age limit nor it requires parental guidance. Perfect for everyone from every aspect! Users will certainly enjoy playing this amazing game.

·        Safe – this app is completely safe to install. Your device remains functioning properly the way it was functioning before downloading it. It has no security threats such as malware and/or viruses. Enjoy a 100% safe and sound game in your leisure time.

·        Free of cost – you do not need to think for a moment if you like and want to play this game. Play this game for free. Download it anytime you want as you have to pay nothing. It involves in-app purchases that either offer you some twist or make it much better for you. What do you want more than that?

·        Easy and simple game – the game has easy controls so you will find this game very easy to play. The easy controls and easy settings let it be understood easily and get command on.


·        Heavy app size – the size of this app is huge enough. The problems the huge size causes are hard to deal with. This is the concern the users may face for playing this game.

·        Ads – ads always seem disturbing while watching or playing something as they break the tempo. Having ads in the middle of the game will certainly interrupt you during your fighting scenario.


·        Thought-provoking storyline – the science fiction storyline of this game certainly provokes your thoughts. This game is about the future of mankind.  The story revolves around a guy, Kal who defeated the Volterires, and the next four months in which several happenings take place. In the later course of the game, President Folsom gets murdered and the Volterires surrender the colonies. Now, the entire situation is in Kal’s hands – whether to save mankind or accept defeat. Yelena calls him to seek help though he has been hiding. Now, the players are supposed to accomplish the task of saving humans and defeating the planet of aliens.

·        Diverse weapons and powers – what a game it becomes when you are free to choose what you want from a wide range of weapons and powers as well, so the game becomes more exciting for the users. Use different advanced weapons to assassin your enemies. Make the survival of humans possible by fighting till the end.

·        Levels- the number of levels the game has is 10. The users have to succeed in those 10 levels across the galaxy to save the world.

·        Multiplayer – another interesting feature of this game is the multiplayer feature that has 7 multiplayer modes. You can choose either of the modes to play eagerly.

Mod Features

·        Weapons in abundance – abundant weapons are offered to the users to fight with for free. This feature enhances the users’ interest.

·        Plenty of money – the game has plenty of money so the users can buy whatever they want easily without budget constraints. This feature makes the game easier for users to play.

·        Technical bugs – initially, the users were facing technical bugs, hindering their enjoyment. But now, all those major and minor bugs have been resolved so the users could and would have a smooth playing time.

·        Problem-causing issues – all the problem-causing issues in the game have been fixed now. Now, you will face no major or minor issues.

Installation process

Follow the steps in a proper order to install and enjoy playing this fantastic game.

·        First, enable the option of Unknown sources in your device.

·        Now, click on the link that is availableon the internet to download the app.

·        Open the file manager on your device to search for this game.

·        After finding it, click on it to let it install.

·        Be patient! the app takes a few minutes to be installed.

·        Now, you are done with the process.

·        So, open the app and enjoy the game.


Q. Who developed this game?

A famous gaming brand, Gameloft developed this game.

Q. Is the file size of this app heavy?

Yes, the file size of this app is 17Mb+1.4Gb. So, it is rather heavy.

Q. Is this game paid?

No, this is not a paid game. It is absolutely free of cost.

Q. Is the app free completely?

Yes, the app is completely free. There is no requirement to pay anything to play this game. Everything in the app is free.

Q. Does the game have different weapons?

Yes, the game has different amazing weapons that you will be going to enjoy using. All the incredible available weapons seem to favor you in every aspect that it gives joy to you as well as help you to complete the challenging levels.

Q. Does the game have easy controls?

The game controls are very easy. The easy controls make you play this game easily.

Q. How is the multiplayer mode advantageous for players?

The multiplayer mode lets the players play this game with their friends. Using this mode, 7 players can play simultaneously. With this feature, your game certainly becomes exciting.

Q. What cons the game have?

The sole con of this game is its addiction that after playing it, users find it addictive.

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