Tekken Mod APK v1.5 Unlimited Money and Gems Download

Tekken Mod APK v1.5 Unlimited Mo (1)

Games have been adding to the action gaming world and most of the games come with different themes. There is a new addition in this gaming world with the game named ‘Tekken Mod APK v1.5 Unlimited Money and Gems Download’. When you search for some thrilling games, you may have to choose from a long catalog. But your device must contain solely those apps that resonate with your demands and personality the best.

Game developers have been trying their best to introduce new games in the gaming world but many of the games encompass almost the same monotonous themes. But digital gaming developers urge to make you bring newness and Tekken Mod APK is one such addition. Do you want newness and basics simultaneously? Then, it is the game for you, where you will have both things, resulting in a complete package. Despite having the basic features which any game must have, this game has a new storyline to hold the players in this game for an extended period without getting bored.

This Japanese game has a story about a character named Kazuya. Kazuya needs to fight against the opponent by getting escorted in the battle. Your survival is the utmost thing you need to carry. The game plot involves survival and the higher scores accumulation to get upgraded. It can be downloaded very simply and easily. It is highly compatible with android phones, making it more user-friendly.

Pros and Cons


·        Enhance characters information – the game has a wide variety of over 100 characters, which you can choose the character from, of your choice. Choose the character that resonates with your choice the best so you can fight against evil with utmost power. You do not need to stick to any one character you choose first as you can change your character each day. It’s all your choice.

·        Find a free-time partner – games are undeniably the best partners of your free time. You may play games with family and friends but there are times, you have no one to play with and want to spend time with yourself. At such times, this game would be your best partner. This game comes with multi-action, offering you more and more. To avail this feature, friends are not a requirement. It is an essential feature so that you can play alone at times you want.

·        One of its own kind – the fighting style of this game is rather unique. It’s not solely about to shoot or to be shot.  The storyline of this game involves attacking the opponent at any cost and via different mediums, which makes it one of its own kind.

·        Diverse fighting style – what do you want more than diversity in life? And when it’s about your leisure time, it may be your utmost demand. This game proffers you to avail different options when things are in your hands. In this game, despite fighting on foot, you can use cars and vehicles for the sake of your protection. It lets you leave the battlefield, reinforcing you to fight opponents. Fight both with feet and vehicles simultaneously.

·        Strategic planning – the unique storyline of this game enables you to strategize the things in best ways. The game encompasses a unique theme, in which, you have to undergo different challenges just with the help of proper strategic planning. Play tactically and the battlefield is yours.


·        Convoluted controls – controls in the entire game are rather complicated and are hard to remember and use. This feature makes the game a bit complicated. When it comes to compatibility, here again, you find the game complicated since those convoluted controls are not very much compatible with the android application. It makes the screen controls hard to manage.

·        Heavy app size – the size of this app is heavy enough which creates obstacles to the functioning of your phone. This game requires enough storage space. Stay away from this game if you have not inserted the SD card in the device to dodge complications.


·        Replete with action – the game is replete with action and drama, prompting you to showcase your fighting skills often. Either elicit your skills and strategic planning or else get defeated by the opponent. In both cases, you can enjoy the action scenarios.

·        Virtual connectivity – enhance your online connectivity. Play with people all around the world. For this, you will undergo a few steps. Team up with or against people by connecting with them virtually.

·        Live fights – the game offers you an amazing feature, which you can have live fights through. The live fight option allows you to have a live fighting session.

New Features

·        Story mode – go as per guidance! The game comes with a story mode that lets you perform along the game according to the story plot.

·        Doojo channel – avail this feature by investing virtual money. In return to this investment, you will get valuable prizes and get upgraded to higher levels as well.

Installation Process

To install this game, look through the given process.

·        Go to the settings on your phone.

·        On opening the settings, enable the Unknown sources.

·        Then the next step is to get on the downloading link.

·        Open the file manager on your phone.

·        After opening the file manager folder, search for the Tekken Mod APK file.

·        Now, click on the Install option.

·        The game will have been installed once you are done with this.


Q. Is this a paid game?

No, it is a free game. You can avail this game without paying some price.

Q. Can users get this game on Google play?

No, users cannot get this version of the game on Google play.

Q. Is this game compatible with androids?

Yes, this game is compatible with androids, which makes it more user-friendly.

Q. Can this game be downloaded all around the world?

Yes, this game can be downloaded very easily at any place, you are at.

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