Walk Master Mod APK

Walk Master Mod APK

Walk Master is a situational game. In this game, you are given different situations and you have to cope with them like a master. For example, you are supposed to be a Goat without legs and you would be given two sticks That are tied to your legs and you have to walk like a master and fulfil the challenge like a champ. You are in competition with other animals in the forest. In the beginning, You have to complete a given distance in a particular time, later with the harder levels you have to indulge in different races with other animals. You only need to train your goat and make it a champ with the sticks.

In the game, you are also available with different new characters and costumes that you can change. In the game, you have to complete the daily challenges within the given time frame bonding. There are plenty of rewards and coins that you will get when you complete the daily task. The exciting game also allows gamers to set the keys of their own choice so that they can conveniently play the game.

About walk master APK 

This famously played game is available on the internet at the Play Store for android users where with the cute little animals you get the sticks by which you can train them to walk and make them walking champs of the gameplay. As you engage in the daily competition races you would be able to start earning rewards in the form of money.

Excitingly the game featured a range of 31 different animals from the forest that the players can use in the gameplay.

About Walk Master Mod APK

Looking for ease in earning coins or to get rid of this tension just switch to the MOD APK version of the Walk master. Yes! like all the other mod apk version this game also provide unlimited coins and rewards by which you can buy tools of convenience and winnings.

With the coins in the game, players can have different gadgets without waiting for coins to buy them. Buy anything you desire from the outfits of the characters to the characters themselves acting like supreme masters of the game and enjoy.


Challenges and missions

Players. Challenges and missions are the most amazing part of the game that keep the game interesting. There are chances that you will get addicted because of competing in daily challenges. The more you complete the challenge the more interesting the game becomes to you. If you play the game without completing the missions, you may get bored within a few days. Because the charm of the game is designed with the missions that you have to complete daily and get the rewards. Everyday challenges are the key that will put you in the game for a long.


Fun and interesting the game offers you different characters to play. There are characters that will never leave you bored and these simple cute little Animals can also be by within the mod APK game with the unlimited coins you have. There are 31 little animals character that you can select from the forest – also you can buy them with the coins you have collected by completing the daily challenges. Also every day a new character would be given to you for free in the gameplay. The game has featured lots of choices in terms of character so Every character in the game has some special feature. 


As discussed before there are 31 different unique characters available in the game but another feature that put you into trust is that you can also customize these characters by using different accessories. You can change their outfits and do much more. You can change the features also However you desire and show creativity by bringing up the best look of your character by customization. 

Easy controls 

Exciting game walk master mod APK is the most user-friendly game as well as its interface the controls can also design so that it would be conveniently used by the players. You can easily play the game without detention of its control keys as you can customize them according to your hand. All you have to do in the game is maintain balance so that your character can easily pass through the design path.

Complete access

The walk Master APK version cannot allow you to get access to all the game items and levels however Mod version Featured all the items that you wish To get access but I logged in due to higher levels. You don’t have to spend your money in order to unlock and get access to them as now through the mod version access to all the higher levels is free of cost. 

Ads free

Also sick of interrupted ads that appear in front of you in critical situations within the games so that you can lose your concentration and there are chances that you will lose Then switch to the mod APK version of walk master. Everyone dislikes such kind of promotion that lead you toward losing your game that’s why the mod version has removed all kind of Advertisement – you can now enjoy your gameplay completely ad-free.

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Q. is it possible to play Walk Master Mod Apk without rooting the mobile phones?

Yes! The game is very lightweight and can easily be played without asking for any rooting.

Q. Is the game free of ads?

Yes! the Mod Apk version of the Walk Master is completely ads-free.