Gangstar Vegas MOD APK

Gangstar Vegas MOD APK

Gangstar Vegas MOD APK 1 Is one of the most fascinating and exciting games of action published by Gameloft. If you are a gamer, you must already be a fan of famous Gameloft developers that have already introduced plenty of exciting series of different games to hunt down your leisure time.

The most exciting thing is that you can now wishfully play heavy load games on your smartphone devices easily without any disruption. RPG genre games are the most loved ones as in open world games as you can freely move around cities and roads and do your mission like a bossy gangster.

Being a different person in different times in the world of imagination where you can fulfil what you desire is what this game is meant to be. Skim through the articles to know the exciting features of gangster Vegas mod APK and also get the guide to download the heavy game without any trouble.

Gangstar Vegas MOD APK1

The Gangstar Vegas MOD APK1 – is pictured in Las Vegas, the place which is a hub of mafia personnel and gang war politics, you may also get a surprise at a gambling club. you will play different roles as a mafia person in the game of open world where you will manifest as a Mafia chief and numerous who intend to dismiss you. You have to get amalgamated in gunfights within the suffocating fight arena.

Though you are a wanted peer who is needed wherever – everywhere. After all, being a master you have under your order number of followers, your main goal is to remake your infamous Mafia gang and later through proper political and actual fight battles you rule the city. If you have ever played Grand Theft Auto you would already be aware of the criminal world of the games.

Gangstar Vegas MOD APK Missions

The game bears almost nearly 80 different missions of different natures. You can grab any car and enjoy the ride while driving in the beautiful city – enjoy using different weapons available in the game.

This game provides you with an opportunity where you can also purchase new weapons from the massive arm store. The graphics of the game are astonishing along with the 3D visuals and sound effects the game feels more realistic. Also, create different criminal groups to successfully accomplish your mission. There are plenty of different strategies that you can run in order to effectively compete in the missions.

Advantages and Disadvantages


Open World Game

Gangstar Vegas has a flat and wide real-world-like stage where, you can take on journeys, indulge in fights with different players, and update your rankings in the always-updated ranks. Also, you can have access to different places for missions to comprehend the plot, you can likewise engage in bashing difficulties, shooting, robbing, money laundry and so on.

Highly Addictive 

Like all the other open-world games this game is also much addictive due to its amazing mission that cannot help you leave the game without accomplishment. There is too much to do in the game that you can play the game for hours without even noticing the time.

No money needed 

The game is completely free of cost and there you need to spend no money in order to download, install and play the game. download the game it’s free of cost and is easily available on the Internet. 


Battery abduction

The game is PRG and the open world but as stated before the game is heavy enhance can eat your battery a bit faster. The size of the game is large that always resultantly abducts the battery of smart devices at a fast pace.

Heavy Game

The total size of the game is about 500 to 600 MB of storage of the smart device. As you can see the game is too large so you need big storage in your smart device to run the game.


Divergent Missions

The most exciting feature of the game is that the game offers up to 80 different missions with an interesting storyline. The missions may include money laundering shooting kidnapping or snatching cars from other players. You can use plenty of different tools to compete in the mission the tools can be in the form of weapons are criminal clans.


This game featured some huge weaponry which can easily be accessed in the game through game currency. The sound of the weapon’s blasting feels so real and put you on a realistic criminal world ride.

Different Modes

Offers the player to play in different modes that include a story mode, heist mode and warfare mode. However, the storyline mode is the most engaging and interesting out of all.

Customize the player

Another exciting feature of the game is that you can customize your character and choose the character according to your desire. You can also become a good criminal at the end of the day. The most amazing part Of the game is that you can customize the dressing of your player and also apply tattoos on the body of the player.

Clan building

Being a mafia man all you need to do is Build your own clan that can work on your call and help you in mission accomplishment. This game offers all this exciting plan-building stuff in this open world.

3D Graphics

3D graphics of the game provide a dramatic battle in the city and will help you explore the trendy collection of weapons and vehicles with an amazing view. Graphics and effects give you a realistic image of the underworld and force you to play without tea breaks.

Errors Fixed

All the in-game errors and bugs and other technical faults have already been resolved and now you can play the game without any delays. Just update the new version – new updates fix the issue that you are facing and the game works perfectly.

How to Download

Enjoy this game by following a few simple steps:

  • To download the game APK and Obb of Gangstar Vegas, enter in the setting of your smart device. 
  • Enter into the security of your smart device > the setting > check the unknown source option box in the setting.
  • Select the Download option and start downloading download APK file and Obb file of the game  
  • After downloading is completed, click on the APK file > run the install wizard but avoid launch before doing the next mentioned step.
  • Now extract the obb file using the device featured WinRAR or any other unzipping application, and copy the extracted file to your device

 Now you are ready to Launch the game and enjoy

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Q. Is Gangstar Vegas APK Safe to Download?

The game is completely safe and sound and virus free in both APK and OB files. You can easily download and install this game on your device without any trouble.

Q. Is Gangstar Vegas APK free to download?

Yes, the game is free of cost, you need to pay no money in order to download, install and launch this game.

Q. Is Gangstar Vegas APK a light game in size?

No, the size of this game is you would need almost 600 MB in your smart device to run freely. As your device must have large free storage space if you aim to install and play this game.