Jurassic Survival Mod Apk 1 Gameplay

Survival mod Apk

Animated games are loaded with trailers in passion, and we as a whole appreciate them on occasion. There are numerous people who are anxiously looking forward to games that are thrilling action and one-of-a-kind. Nonetheless, there are not many games out there that have a novel plot and bring a one-of-a-kind component to the screen. We have looked and found a game that is the proper harmony between thrill and show.

Jurassic Survival mod Apk 1 is an extremely incredible fighting game created by Mishka Creation – delivered a couple of years prior. On the off chance that you are searching for an exceptionally astounding activity game, Jurassic survival is certainly for you. It will provide you with loads of tomfoolery. you have to endure the wild environment and hit the winning ring.

Jurassic Survival Wildlife

Basic survival is basically in a circle among a group of people that strive hard to endure against different wildlife including dinosaurs that followed them throughout the game plot. Very beginning you just have to survive in the jungle but later you have to Fulfill different given targets to develop the legacy. Amazing 3D graphics provide you with beautiful scenery around the forest along with the thrill you got from dinosaurs.

As the name suggested Jurassic Survival Force you in the very beginning just survive for yourself and later you have to do different missions in which you collect different materials to build a home later with the extra budget and collection you can construct a model small town.

Players of Survival Force

You can also have to collect different thanks for the survival that your player might eat including food and shelter woods etcetera. However, the things you build Match the modern world design that is technologically advanced.

This game has loads of new thrills and fabulous highlights that never allowed the player to get exhausted. You will ingest in this game loads. This game has such a lot of potential; you will find out once you begin playing this game – the plot make you addicted in a few hours of play. We guarantee – You won’t ever get exhausted.


Dinosaurs of your side

The dinosaurs are your rivals but the game allows you to possess some of the dinosaurs that fight for you against rival dinos.

Enchanting Graphics

The effects of the game are incredible, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery of the green forest that can amaze you in a survival situation. All the scenes steam real due to outstanding graphic design.

Finding food

Art is like the real world, the thing you need to survive is food and shelter that you will hunt around your island.

Habitat building

After wandering around in the forest, you need to find material and build your own safe place and your habitat would be modern and technologically advanced.

Tools of survival

As you are constantly followed by the dinosaur so you also need to make some sharp tools from wood and other material in order to kill the beasts and still be alive.

Collaboration among players

Play with other fellow friends and build a town for effective survival. The game offers sports live chats by which you can make different strategies and collectively with the clan defeat Dino’s head. You can be friends with fellow people online through this game. Along with the collaboration with your friends you can also have a feature of five boosters that help you enhance your performance in the game which leads you to get more points. The points can also help you find different materials to further the progress.

Advantages and Disadvantages


No ads

You would play this game without any intruder intervention as there are no ads displayed during the game.


There’s no cost to download this game you can enjoy the game for free.



This game needs a good space in your hard drive if you want to play uninterruptedly. Just make sure you had enough space before downloading.

Old version

Get the latest update is the new version of Jurassic survival as the old version sometimes stuck the control of the vehicles like jeeps and trucks and also some new weapons are not available in the old version.

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How to Download

Follow the few steps to download this game. It is the easiest play store – installed game you have ever seen.

  1. Firstly, make sure your device has enough space to download this game.
  2. Secondly, open Google Play to download the game however if you do not have access to Google Play you can also use other download methods.
  3. Hit the download link > download completed in a few min.
  4. For smartphones > go to settings > check the ‘unknown source’ option
  5. As soon you are done with the settings go to > install option
  6. You have successfully installed the game. Now you can enter The Jurassic World.


Q. Is there Any flaws in the game structure?  

The major drawback of the game is that the game is spacious huge space for your drive to be downloaded. Also, use sometimes mixed control buttons which need plenty of practice.

Q. What are the requirements to download the game?  

The game can easily be installed without any detailed procedure, however, the game needs enough space to support the instalment. Plus, the new version of the game has introduced guns and other weapons that you can use for survival and all the features are available on the updated Android phone version.

Q. From where one can install the game easily?  

The game is all available on the Internet and you can easily download and enjoy the game from Google Play as all the users have access there. if your device does not support Google Play you can download the game anywhere from any downloading link available on a reasonable website of online mod Apk games.