Best Free Autotune Apps for Android And IOS

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If you have a vogue to become a singer and you didn’t find any platform where you can improve your or add music or sounds at your background to check out your song quality. Then you will be happy after reading this article that comes with the best auto-tune app for your mobile. Using these apps you will improve your singing skill much better. Most interestingly, these apps can run on both Android and iPhones. 

Now you’re thinking about which app I have to download that fulfill my requirements that have all features and functions of tunes and music that suits your song. Using these apps you can pair your song  with slick tunes to check the amazing transformation of your song.

These apps have a multitude of options on the internet, choose your best app that meets your requirements. Here we gather all those best apps that are free and easy to use on your Android and iPhone in 2022. Using these apps you can add perfect music, tune, video and audio as per your requirement. Here you get the list of these apps.

  1. Voloco
  2. AutoRap by Sumle
  3. RapChat
  4. StarMaker
  5. Super Voice Editor
  6. Tune Me
  7. The Voice
  8. VocaLive
  9. The Voice
  10. Voice Synth
  11. Spire Studio Controller

We provide you the best auto tune apps that are free of cost on both Android and iPhone. Look forward to these apps and their stunning features before downloading. Then pick your required app.

  1. Voloco

If you are concerned with the best and free app on android and iphone then Voloco is always on the top of the list. This is an outstanding app with best features and services. Voloco has the 40 auto tune filters to make your song best and presentable. 

Improve your singing skill through joining the millions of users worldwide. Voloco process the voice additionally, do auto tuning, vocoding and harmony of your song. You can also pick the track and then start singing with improved quality to give a professional look. 

You can also mix songs through a combination of different filters at the same time for best experience. More of that you can take the tune of any song that you like and want to add their tune to your music you can also get this. After getting your song you can share it on any online platform. App with smart autotune and best alternatives and with purchased stunning features Download Now

  1. Tune Me

Tune me is the full flagged free to use app with astonishing features. If you want to become a professional rapper or singer try this App. tune Me provides you with almost 500 beats and other attributions that are best for audio. 

Tune Me comes with a perfect interface and helps you to manage your voice, position, playback and singing style( loud or low) during singing.  Upgrade your hip hop style with tune me. It helps you to record your track with hundreds of pitched sounds. 

Try features of Tune Me that provides fast processing, recording and saving of your clip. Boost your calibrations with automatic sync of vocals and beats. You can record your music without the internet and save to your gallery to share with friends and other platforms  like instagram, facebook, youtube etc. 

If you want to get upgraded features with more tunes and tracks try the Tune Me app in the pro version. For experience go and Download Now

  1. AutoRap by Smule

If you are a music lover and want to record your song with the best tunes and and want a mobile app that must be easy to use and shows lots of features that fulfill your requirement then here is the best app with all features that you want: the AutoRap by smule App. 

Using this stunning app you can record your song with 100  beats and can engage the community with you. 

If you want to have more fun and want to talk more then AutoRap by Smule transform your every talk into rap. This app has the matching auto tunes that suit your rap. You can practice and make your rap as professional and try different beats to improve your skills. Additionally,  you can try new beats that change every week to keep your interest. 

It’s not end here, if you feel you are good at rap and want to show your talent and to challenge others through battle then the feature of AutoRap by Sumle where you can meet your dreams and become a professional rapper. Download Now

  1. RapChat

The other app we have here is RapChat, which is the free app that comes with 100,000 auto tunes and beats in their library. You can easily get your required tune for your audio. If you are a music lover then this app will be your best choice. 

Just record your music and add your desired beat in a single click. You can also create your own lyrics. Basically this app supports the content creators with wide beat selection and auto vocal tunes. RapChat has almost 20,000 free beats and helps you to take part in concerts that is its exclusive feature and can be a prize winner in these concerts. If you want to be a T Pain or Cardi B then this app will be your best choice to Download Now

  1. StarMaker

If you are a good singer and want to discover your talent then this handy app will help you alot. This is the karaoke app with lots of features of tunes and lyrics to better your singing style and if you are interested in arranging concerts , parties, and want to sing with your loved one. 

You can record your karaoke with effects, music editing, filters and pick your best recording part. The Most fascinating part is that you can correct your pitch for high quality music. 

StarMaker provides you with a feature of live broadcast of your concert.  As a plus point you can also join the StarMaker community to share your music all around the world to test your skills and make friends in your field. Get this app on both Android and iPhone so Download Now.

  1. SuperVoice Editor

SuperVoice Editor is a worth taking app on android and iOS which is free with its all features. Its use is basic and made for beginners to add effects and tunes at the back of their music. Beyond recording of your song you can also edit and trim your audio or can modify the pre existing file, if you would like to add funny creators voice, creatures you can easily add. 

The best feature that users want is to upload your audio directly after making it. This app also has this option. After completion of your audio you can easily share it to your favorite platform. Whether you want to change your voice into a child, alien, or superhero to have fun. This is the best app to prank with your friends through messenger voice changer. 

You can make your own ringtone to mix different voices. SuperVoice Editor also has an auto tuner. So go and get this amazing app free of cost Download Now

  1. The Voice

The next app of our list is the Voice App that is developed by developers after being inspired by the music reality show The Voice. This app is just like karaoke. You have the option to choose the lyrics of millions of songs from on screen. 

To form a masterpiece of your talent art within a couple of minutes you can select the different effects that are available on app. 

The best feature of this app is that you can duet with other best worldwide singers. Download Now

  1. Voca Live

If you are an iPhone user and want to discover your singing talent through App then this will be your best choice. Voca Live brings 12 real time vocal effects to improve and practice your song. This app has 55 different chives of beats and effects you can choose of your choice and make your own preset. 

Voca Live comes with a variety of features, one of which is to sing on your favorite song and also enjoy microphone emulation to take control of your tone. If you are pretty good at singing and want to sing online then choose the live concert option of Voca Live. 

It also supports core MIdi for comfortably possible the interference of third parties. The other important features are recording, real time voice processor, metronome, auto freeze, multitrack recording and voice effects. For best experience and with a purchased app option get this app and Download Now.

  1. Voice Synth

If you want to give a professional look to your music then try this app. Voice synth is the most recommended app for voice processing. The features of this app are vocoder, autopitch, speed shift sampling and for singing use T- Pain and Daft Punk tool.

You can also use the voice changer option to make voices like animal, evil, weird or much more for fun. This app enables you to play by voice through screaming you can play guitar and church organ. If you are a music artist, musician, sound designer this app must be in your mobile phone. If you want to get all features you may pay $ 11.99 so Download Now

  1. Spire Studio Controller

The best addition in autotune apps in mobiles Spire Studio Controller is the best app that is Free of cost. You can edit and record your music or song with ease through this app. You can get this app on both iOS and Android devices. You can layer eight different tracks and make your music like professional singers. 

You can choose your favorite track and then unlock it. Form  your music with the advanced and best interface of this time. You can manage your track, beats and more with ease. Best for beginners and lead to professional singers,to get this app Download Now


In this article you can get the best autotune apps for your iPhone and Android phone that helps you to become a singer and fulfill your goals in the field of music. Download these apps and enjoy the interesting and amazing features of these apps.