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How to Make Reaction Video on iPhone

Today the world is all about fame and popularity and reaction videos are the best source for the beginners who are good in giving reactions on movies, music, dance, drama serials and on games. Reaction videos are the feedback that person gives on specific tasked content or material that present on online platforms and on…

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Best Apps for Pre Med Students Being a pre med student you have a burden of studies and also have extracurricular activities, and to enjoy your social life but all these things can't be managed by you. It's been hard for medical students to keep everything together. We bring some suggestions for you to manage every activity with your study in an organized or better way. These are some apps that are fully designed for medical students to make everything possible for you. By using these handy apps you can easily manage your studies and can do productive activities. Here is the list of all those apps that will help you to make everything possible. Evernote Coffitivity Plant Nanny Forest Insight Timer Anki The PreMed App Head Space Sleep Cycle Streaks Flora Wolfram Quizlet Evernote As a pre medical student in college you get ample notes in your hand. No matter if you keep notes in your laptop or in hard form. Evernote will help you to maintain your grace by saving your notes in soft copy or if you are comfortable in hard form you can easily scan your notes. Evernote provides you the big opportunity to bring your notes in your laptop and can easily search your required note. No wasting time in finding one piece of paper from a huge pile of notes, just go and get the Evernote app. Coffitivity Coffitivity is the best app for those who love coffee and have an addiction to work or study in coffee shops. This habit helps your mind relax and noises in coffee shops help you to stay connected to your study and prevent you from falling asleep. But when you are in your room you don't feel such energy and feel dizzy while studying, so the Coffitivity app will help you to study. Coffitivity has the feature to produce such soothing background noises that you want during study. Especially for those who stay calm and more attentive in such voices. So save your money spending on coffee and time to get the Coffitivity app now. Plant Nanny When I am in college many students use the Plant Nanny app for fun. One day I downloaded the Plant Nanny app and my experience was too good. Actually this app helps me to improve my drinking habit that we can't manage due to hectic or busy days. In the plant Nanny app you grow the plant and water it on a daily basis at the same time you have to drink water. Most people face problems staying hydrated but this app will help you to build your drinking habit and also entertain you the whole day. Forest If you have to waste too much time on your phone without any important task and want to get rid of your bad habit then Forest app can help you the most. Forest apps help you stay away from your social apps like instagram and facebook. In this app you grow your plant or forest and it will grow fast when you spend less time on your phone. You can also grow forests through collaboration with your friends and family. If you live in such a place now where forest exists then this digital forest helps you to be productive while you care for your forest. Insight Timer Meditation is a powerful tool to boost your energy and wake your sleepy mind. Insight Timer is a healthy app useful for a stressed population especially pre med students. In this app you can design your own pattern of meditation according to your accessibility. Most people like to use this app because it is convenient and suits their needs. Anki It’s a flashcard app to help you to be an expert in your respective topic.Many positive reviews have been taken from med students. You can use Anki to master different languages, review notes and study for the MCAT. it’s kind of reliable,you don’t need to get into an awkward environment of bus conversations when you have Anki flashcard app. The PreMed App The PreMed App is specially designed for pre med students.pre med app connect all the dots that a student needs to focus, help to utilize time and create a track to fulfill every goal that you need set as a premed student. The PreMed App provides the opportunity to pre med students to take part in mentorship and also get the course planning in just $ 2.99 a month. Headspace During tough days finding time for relaxing and meditation is quite difficult.internet offers various translations from calming ASMR video to relaxing slowed music. Headspace also gives you a platform to perform your goals like general mindfulness or to discipline your sleeping also helps you to maintain your physique and body chemistry. Sleep Cycle In this digital age shouldn’t we digitalise our sleep patterns? Yes, we can, the sleep cycle will help you to do so. Sleep Cycle app helps you to track your sleep patterns throughout the night and will wake you by its smart technology alarm when you are in light sleep. All you need to do is put your phone beside you turn on sleep cycle and it will make its own schedule according to your sleep patterns.there are five stages of sleep, stage 1-2 comes under” light sleep” 3-4 are deep sleep and fifth is REM(rapid eye movement) stage of sleep or the dreaming state of a person. Sleep cycles use accelerometer and microphone data to record whether you are getting up from sleep or drifting into sleep.stage 1-2 is better and pleasant to wake up cause your muscles activity is low. Streaks All of us want a healthy and fit lifestyle,streaks provide you accessibility to make it visual. We generally lack this enthusiasm.calorie counting apps aren’t for everyone. It doesn't suit everyone or if you don’t have any smart gadgets like smart watch or other wearables. As for streaks, it's a simple light weight app designed to be accountable for daily tasks,that you want to repeat for making routine, like taking meditation, going for strolls, reading for fifteen minutes. Streaks keep you notified to motivate you to keep making streaks of healthy tasks without any reluctance. Here is a little difference. It's a website not a mobile app,and it’s just as useful to help you to stay productive.This technique is a famous tip designed by a college student when he was studying for finals. When he realized he was being distracted and wasn’t being efficient, Francesco Cirillo decided to use a tomato shaped kitchen timer to stop him from taking breaks and keep working. Later he allowed himself a quick five minute break, this way,moving back and forth between extreme focus, laid back relaxation is essentially the pomodoro technique. is a website where you can add your schedule and length of your focused time blocks or breaks. Flora Do you want to feel the guilt of cutting trees and the pomodoro technique? You should check out flora (providence on IOS Only). Flora will allow you to use the pomodoro technique to keep check of a to-do list that you input into the app. Flora’s great illustrations will show you growing trees when you check off your do list and avoid the apps that distract you. Wolfram|alpha No more math errors on a math problem.know about the applications of equations but can’t find the correct answer even with the help of calculator? With the solution of this, provides you Wolfram|Alpha accessibility to search for every type of math equations and complete problems. It also can do calculus. Quizlet In terms of finding a good app to test yourself before your final quiz,I suggest you the simplest and free of cost app which Quizlet also connects to a pretty cool website that you could use to create your own flashcard,and also can create reviews.

Best Apps for Pre Med Students

Best Apps for Pre Med Students Being a pre med student you have a burden of studies and also have extracurricular activities, and to enjoy your social life but all these things can’t be managed by you. It’s been hard for medical students to keep everything together. We bring some suggestions for you to manage…

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