ice bath benefits

Ice Bath Benefits – Is This Really Good for Health?

Feeling exhausted after a workout? Feeling inflammation or dullness? Having muscle soreness? Feeling stressed or annoyed? Manage your anxiety and stress in a healthy way, becoming more resilient with this effective therapy technique. No need to worry anymore thanks to the ice baths benefits. Also called cryotherapy, cold plunging, or cold water immersion, this therapy is usually adopted by sports therapists.

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Winsford lifestyle centre

The Winsford Lifestyle Centre Activities to Do

From leisure activities to shopping, dining and entertainment, Winsford Lifestyle Centre offers something for everyone in the heart of Cheshire. A wide range of leisure activities are available at the Center, including swimming and gym sessions, as well as sports and activities for all ages. A host of cafes, restaurants and shops are also located at the Center for those looking for a more relaxed day out.

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Risk of Dementia

Could Regular Internet Use Lower the Risk of Dementia? 

Dementia refers to the loss of cognitive functioning. Damage to brain cells causes dementia, due to which, brain cells cannot communicate with each other for proper brain functioning. This cognitive impairment commonly encompasses a loss of language, memory, problem-solving skills, and other cognitive skills. Other than Alzheimer’s, the cognitive impairments that lead to dementia include depression, drug side effects, infections, metabolic abnormalities, and small strokes to the brain. Looking through another perspective, it is pretty clear that memory impairment is a normal part of aging that must not be conflated with dementia.

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