Privacy Policy

Who we are?

Every individual urges to keep his personal information safe and that is the reason your privacy is my first and utmost priority. My paramount preference is none other than my readers’ privacy. I value my blog readers and their need to keep their private information confidential and therefore handle their personal information with care and confidentiality. At British Author Blog I must be assured that their personal information is secured.

As a part of writing, I protect my readers’ information because the protection of privacy builds trust and my keen focus is on a trustworthy relationship between me and my readers. To drive profitable follower action, the content publishing process here consists of creating and distributing relevant and consistent content.

Content marketers may consider privacy policy whilst creating and distributing content including names, email addresses, web links, phone numbers, and other demographic information if ever asked. Detailed steps that are taken here to protect personal information are mentioned absolutely clearly so that you can know each and everything without any filters. Details provided implement security protocols as well as getting consent to use their information if needed from users.

Privacy is my first preference in professional life so I make sure that such privacy policy must be given to me that will let you be satisfy of how your personal information is handled. Here, I aim to assure the valuable response that every detail regarding your personal life like your email address or your phone number must be kept secret and mustn’t be published but, you are not a contributor. Your information is just limited to my work, and I am dedicating my time and efforts to ensure your personal information’s safety.  

In content marketing, privacy policy plays a professional role in building trust and confidence with the authors and readers. Providing clear information to the readers about their rights and options when it comes to their personal data is crucial for businesses to be outgrowing as they are transparent about their data collection practices. One of the significant aspects that you must be aware of regarding the privacy policy is the modifications in the privacy policy. Meeting the requirements of the current time, the privacy policy may have some modifications at any time although those modifications are updated on my website. You will not be notified prior to any modification. So, stay explored your publications to be updated.