YouTube Premium Family Plan Will be Revised in this Year 2024

youtube premium

Google has decided to raise the prices of YouTube premium family plan subscriptions in several countries. The analysis of use of YouTube premium videos is increasing a lot worldwide. Therefore, Google announced in the United States of America a few months ago that the plan of YouTube premium users individuals and families will be revised to give quality of ads free services. This decision was mailed to the YouTube subscribers, where Google mentioned that this increase of premium subscription is only to improve the support and quality content without ads for your ease. 

However, Youtube Premium subscription holders will see an increase of package prices in Turkey, Germany, Chile, Australia, Austria, Argentina and Poland starting this November 2024..These prices will be revised for all including individual and family subscriptions, as well as student YouTube Premium subscription holders for the YouTube Music.

This increase of price is scheduled to apply also to all new subscribers of Premium plan. The current users of Premium subscriptions will continue to pay the exact amount until the announcement is implemented in Nov, 2024. The time period of this price increase implementation is almost within 3 months. 

YouTube Premium Family Plan Price Comparison.

  1. A YouTube Family Plan in the UK started from 18.16 GBP for 5 members. 
  2. The Student Subscriber Plan in the UK started from 5.53 GBP. 
  3. YouTube Individual Plan in the UK started from 11.05 GBP.

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