Cora Gauthier – Wife of Karim as an Instagram Influencer

Cora Gauthier

Cora Gautheir spouse of Karim Benzema is reaching out on Instagram. She has only 63 posts on her Instagram profile and appears like a star with 156000 Followers in this decade 2024. As we know Cora Gautheir is a model and nowadays she is busy in clothing and shows brands promotions. She married well-known footballer Karim Benzema in 2016. 

She belongs to France born in 1989 nowadays Cora is very famous in the UK because of her viral fashion clothing photos and videos. She married Karim who is a well-known football player in France. This marriage took this Muslim model to the peak of a celebrity. Cora Gauthier has eye-catching modeling experiences and she has already created a strong audience through his Instagram profile. 

Cora Gauthier has a keen interest in trendy clothes and shoe brand promotions and she is attached to various brands to show up on her social profiles. Her nationality is French and residence in the United Kingdom. As a director, Cora owned a company in the UK located in Gloucester Road, and Kings Road, London. Cora Gauthier had 1 daughter named Melia and a son named Ibrahim. Her son was born in 2017. 

Cora Gauthier’s age is 34 years with an average height. 

As she loves fashion clothing and shoe brands, Cora Gauthier is involved in fashion clothing businesses like Real Madrid. She is very famous on Instagram and her audience likes to follow her new arrival clothes and shoe brands to wear.

There are 2 other businesses  MIHARBI and AYO TCS are registered with her name and she is active in the role of a director to manage these businesses. 

There are 5 much closer followers of Cora named Karim Benzema, Zinedine Zidane, Veronique Zidane, Wahiba Ribery, and Franck Ribery. As the media talks where some spoken news being wrong, they both have decided to stay away from the media and social spotlights. Nowadays, Karim Benzema Cora Gauthier is busy with their peaceful life in Madrid and she closed all her social accounts