Hairy Biker Dave Myers Funeral: What Rick Stein Says?

dave myers

This tribute ride finished with 20,000 bikers who came to celebrate Dave Day. He travelled from London to Cumbria to join this celebration among the public. The widow and Pal Si King were leading the thousand bikers. Everyone knows Hairy Biker was suffering from cancer and died at the age of 66. He is also a BBC star! Hairy Biker scheduled the Dave Myers Funeral Award before he past. 

Dave Myers, was a bike rider and also a cooking star. Because of his popularity, a memorial ride of approximately 20,000 bikers is scheduled to be held in his honor. Lili Myers, said in the BBC breakfast talk that Dave Myers funeral among his lovers was emotional.

What cancer did Dave Myers have?

No internet resources have the exact information about his cancer type, whether that is a blood cancer or lung cancer.

Video of Dave Myers Funeral – Rick Stein

Source: This Dave Myers news information is collecting from the internet resources especially from the video interviews.

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