Jeremy Elbertson Net Worth is Explained in 4 Aspects


Jeremy Elbertson, a.k.a. Jerma985, Jerma, Jeremy A, was born on 22nd September 1985 in Boston, Massachusetts, U.S. Elbertson holds a BS degree in communication studies. He started his career as a dubbed teacher, followed by a freelancing wedding videographer. Elbertson started his YouTube journey at the age of 26 in 2011. He created a channel with the name of Jerma985; at the start, the content of videos was focused on a game, “Team Fortress 2”. Due to his exploring nature, he also joined an online entertainment network, “Machinima.” Then, he started real-time broadcasting through Twitch in 2014. His “Jerma985 channel” and “Jermaverse group” added him to the list of luckiest persons in the world.

How Jermey Elbertson became popular?

Are you also curious about how ‘Exploring Elbertson became popular? Thirty-eight years Old Jerma is famous for his live streaming on Twitch; he is a dubbing artist, former YouTuber, gaming contest champ, serial killer, professional boxer, world record holder for smallest man, and poop gamer. 

He has a friendly, humorous, eccentric, and self-centered nature. Beyond his funny and storytelling nature, he also gained popularity due to his deep knowledge-based serious content. In the following article, we will study the detailed journey of Jeremy Elbertson’s success. Are you people excited? 

1: YouTube Career


At the age of 26, on 11 June 2011, Streamer Elbertson started his YouTube career by making a channel on YouTube with the name Jerma985. He performed various skits and did commentary on a game named Team Fortress 2. He uploaded his first video on 11 June. He continued his YouTube journey and diversified his content to other games, skits, and comedy sketches.  After about three months, on 8 October 2011, he entered the Broadway footlights and joined the Machinima. He continued his struggle in the coming years.


In 2014, he formerly started a ‘WWE 2K’ series of professional wrestling sports simulation video games, often based on his own old characters from old videos. In the same year, he cast ‘In Rat Movie’ and by himself played the role of Steven Serge and Boo, and released in international theaters on 6 November 2014. He earned 7,000,000 dollars from this movie and included it in the most successful part of his life.


In 2015, Jerma released another part of Rat Movie ‘Rat Movie 2: The Movie’. Also, he tried new GTA Clones on his channel, Jerma985. This game broke the record of all of his preview videos and got the maximum views.


In 2016, Jerma played the role of a wrestler in reality with real people in the passivity zone. This video got the Year’s Jerma Rumble designation. 

2: Twitch Career

Twitch provides a video streaming service in real-time. Jerma joined Twitch in 2016. He chose the Twitch platform because, according to him, this live platform is a great source of interaction with his viewers, as he values them. He got famous on this platform due to his ‘eccentric streams’ and ‘Chroma keying.’

On 21st September 2019, he did Robot Carnival live streaming on Twitch. He arranged a carnival consisting of functions like in the original carnival; also, a dunk tank was in his viewers’ control. He spent 20,000 dollars on it.

In September 2021, he cast Jerma985 Dollhouse stream on a soundstage live. In it, he played the live roles of “The Sims” video game. In this show, he lets himself be under the control of viewers for three days.

In March 2021, Jerma did live streaming with a scientist at Nevada Science Center, where they played Grotto Beasts.

3: Other Sources of Income

Jerma’s net worth now is 102,650,332,250$ and is continually increasing.

Jerma’s main income source is from YouTube channel and live streaming. The estimated net worth of his channel is 112K dollars. But he also made money from other sources such as subscriptions, advertisements, sponsorship deals, and donations from his fans.

Some of the major companies that found his videos interesting made contributions by sponsoring him, including the Dollhouse stream sponsored by ‘Coinbase.’ Fansly and Manscaped sponsored the baseball stream. He is making money from his big shows.

In 2023, he joined a production company named Offbrand. Two famous streamers, Ludwig Ahgren, and the chief creative officer, co-founded it. 

The vice artist gave his voice to many indie games, such as he played the character of Matt in Galactic Phantasy Prelude, the character engineer in Crypt Ark, and the character of the Horse Lord Hipparchos in Apotheon. 

4: Personal Life and Philanthropy

Clear information about his family is unknown, but he grew up with caring parents and siblings. He was in a relationship with ‘Simple Pete,’ but it is not confirmed whether they married or not. Memes about his self-consciousness are spotted. It is estimated from his games that he has a humble nature as he used to stream at animal shelters and participated in charity organizations such as Camp One Step, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, and the American Red Cross. By religion, he is a mix of Jewish and catholic, like his family.

He participated in several charity events and donated several hundred, even thousands of dollars to charity. According to one of the reports, he used to donate yearly to ‘Tip of The Hats” (2014, 2015, and 2016 records available). Nevada Science Center is an active research center. Recently, in 2022, Jerma donated to the Nevada Science Center about 10,000 $.

Final Analysis    

5 feet 3.2 inches, real name; ‘Harrington,’ preferably famous with ‘Elbertson,’ is a media Star, Owner of Jerma Wrestling Federation, Magician, Center of the Jermaverse with an  IQ level of 124, 50% Irish, 25% Scottish, and 25% Polish. He is known to the world for some of his famous streaming, including Hello Neighbor, A Fox in Space, and Generation Loss: The Social Experiments. His YouTube subscribers for ‘The Jerma985 channel’ are 231 million, and 290 million for ‘2ndJerma’.

His Twitch followers are 1.4 million. His YouTube subscribers on the Jerma985 channel are 943,000, and on 2ndJerma, they are 782,000. Jerma is an incredibly powerful, compassionate, thoughtful, and loving human being. He made his place in the top 1000 streamers. He got five streaming awards. One for ‘The Jerma985 Dollhouse’, another nominated for ‘The Jerma Baseball Stream,’ ‘Streamer of the Year award,’ ‘League of Their Own,’ and ‘Legacy Award.’ Although, luck also counts as a ‘Big Wow’ to his hard work and achievements. Do analyze where you are. Make a plan and go by the success. “Yo, Merry Christmas!” 


Is Jeremy Elbertson his real name? 

No, his real name is Jeremy Harrington, not Jeremy Elbertson. Then why did he use this name? He uses this name as a duplicate or pseudonym for his online presence only on different social media accounts. 

How old is Jerma now? 

He was born in 1985 on the date of 22 September, so, as for now, he is 38 years old, a famous, wise, and passionate man who achieved success after a lot of struggle and hard work. 

What are Jeremy Elbertson’s plans and projects? 

Jeremy has the passion to break the streaming record by working on new ideas. He hasn’t publicly exposed his ideas yet.  Although the real goals of his life are not known yet, he often makes a joke that he will be the president of the United States Of America in 2075. 

What was Jerma’s job before Twitch?

Before Twitch, he was a substitute teacher. He was also a videographer working for freelance weddings. Besides that, he has done some voiceovers for Indie games and others. 

Does Jerma have kids? 

Jerma lives alone. He is single yet. So, he doesn’t have any kids. No reported relationship with Jeremy Elbertson is authentic, as he revealed very little information about his personal life.