Online Learning Platforms: A Guide for UK Learners and Trainers

Online Learning Platforms in uk

Online learning has become a top priority for every learner. From individual to corporations, everyone is in search of the finest platform to promote their business,  knowledge, and expertise. E-learning facilitates professional development with continuous learning. An electronic learning platform with a set of learners, trainers, and various tools is used to enhance the administration and distribution of knowledge.

A few years ago, online learning gained popularity; therefore, selecting the best online learning platform to present the best learning courses is an important step. Here, we will explore the training platforms and online learning platforms UK and narrow down the best platforms for you. You will also explore the factors you should consider before selection are also highlighted in this comprehensive guide.

What to look for in an online learning platform

Before choosing the best learning platform for your e-learning, you have to characterize your interests and preferences, and there are the following factors to look for in an online learning platform:

Content quality and variety: 

Since the syllabus is an initial impression of any platform, learners can gauge what kind of learning will be provided. Therefore, before making a decision, content quality and variety evaluation is crucial. For this purpose, you should prepare an effective assessment plan to examine learning outcomes. Choose the platform that can provide content creation, uploading and customization diversity.

Pricing and value: 

The second and most considerable factor is the price of any online platform that should match your predetermined budget. Usually, high prices can break the deal, and before deciding to learn any skills from a certain platform, check its value in digital marketing to see if they are in demand or can help you achieve your decided goals in the future. Before buying any course, you should check and evaluate it while considering your interests.

Accessibility and compatibility: 

A good learning platform must be user-friendly and easily accessible, as compatibility matters greatly for learners. So, it must be accessible on smartphones, tablets, or desktop computers so learners can learn at their own pace and quickly. For it, choose a platform with an intuitive navigation bar, and the process of publishing and distribution is easy so that you can handle it without being distracted. 

Support and community:

Last, support and community involvement matters in selecting online learning platforms. A top-notch platform must be supportive for its audience to answer in case of any technical issue. Reliable customer service helps connect learners with professionals, answer their queries, and inform them of options for seeking help, such as email, live chat, or documentation. Tutorials and help resources make the adaptation process of the platform easy for users.

How to choose the best online learning platform for you?

To Choose the finest online learning platform, learners should establish the criteria they want in their required platform. It helps to make the finding process easier:

Define your learning goals: 

Before searching, set the learning goals you want to achieve by passing through the e-learning process if you are a student and want to learn about specific skills and courses or become a professional in a specific field. In goal setting, the S.M.A.R.T approach is usually considered affecting and growing. According to this formula, your goals must be specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and time-based.

Consider your budget and time: 

Before finalizing any platform for your e-learning, budget estimation is necessary to get a proper return on investment (ROI). Therefore, estimate your costing capacity and how much you can spend on your online learning platform. For this purpose, evaluate all possible charges, such as upgrade fees, license fees,  maintenance fees, customer service fees, and hosting fees, and check out their special discounted offers for trial to avoid the payment of unexpected costs.

Compare the features and benefits: 

Compare and contrast the features of your selected platform with other online learning platforms. Did your platform have quizzes and discussion forms? Or continuity is found in the learning process. How do service providers set webinars or grading processes for learners? Check its peer collaboration and assignment submission process and its navigating process. 

Try before you buy: 

Before selection, ask for a trial and demo session of the learning platform, as it will help you understand the functions and features of the platform. In the trial period, you can assess your budget constraints and estimate whether the platform will meet your described goals and learning requirements or not. You can negotiate with platform hosts to customize terms and conditions and confirm their security policy and safety concerns. The trial period will give you ample time to decide on the final selection.

Here are the best online learning platforms in the UK:


FutureLearn is a UK-based online learning platform that provides access to top global companies, top universities in the UK, and professional organizations.  Courses are paid and free also, and this platform allows online degrees, programs with certificates, and MOOCS. Most of the courses are completed within four weeks by taking 3 hours of study in a week so learners can set schedules with their busy routines.


With a large user base of approximately 40 million plus users, Udemy is a significant learning platform. Due to this large user ratio, most experts promote their skills free of cost, and learners don’t have to pay a monthly fee. Experts, leaders, and teachers are distributing and selling their courses privately as on private distribution, they get 93%profit, and 3% goes to Udemy. Learning Business skills and video editing skills are available, and each course has a variable fee from the other.


Working in more than 200 countries with 28 million users, this international platform is well-known in the UK. Most of the learning courses on Coursera are free, but if you want to become an expert and want a proper certificate after course completion, you have to pay a monthly fee. Its major con is that the platform has no official application.


As implied by its name, Skillshare is a learning platform that imparts skills from experts to new learners with a top-rated user interface in the UK. Premium classes are free of cost, but to enjoy its royalties, users have to pay a monthly fee. Creative skills courses are created and sold by real-world experts, and they earn revenue from them. To earn attractive revenue, users must spend 30 minutes in a month on an uploaded course, from marketing and selling to creative, writing, photography, and more for learners and entrepreneurs.

LinkedIn Learning: 

With access to more than 3000 courses, LinkedIn is a killer platform for learning professional skills. This platform has been ranked #1 by Forbes, as it’s easily accessible on mobile phones. Its features are unmatched by other platforms, and to get advanced and in-depth knowledge about various skills, field professionals are present on the platform to share their skills.

To summarize the whole discussion of this thorough guide, selecting the finest online learning and training platform is the most important and useful decision that significantly impacts our training and educational requirements. Therefore, consider the factors and steps mentioned earlier to select the best online learning platforms UK. Your decision today will determine your future, so if you are a learner, an organization, or a trainer, select the right choice at the right time.

Is Coursera available in the UK?

Yes, Coursera is accessible in the UK. It offers online courses from various UK universities like Imperial College London, University of London, and more.

How can I create a free online course in the UK?

Choose a topic you love, set clear learning goals, create effective materials, pick an online platform, and promote your course.

How do I set up an online training program?

Select the right platform, define training goals, create good materials, deliver online, evaluate effectiveness, and improve courses.

How do you sell courses online in the UK?

Set prices, enhance course value, use a website or online marketplace, and market to your audience.

Are online degrees valid in the UK?

Yes, if from a recognized body like the Open University. Check foreign requirements for acceptance.

What is online learning in the UK?

It’s a flexible study method, including online courses, webinars, podcasts, and blogs.

How can I teach online in the UK?

Get a teaching certification, find online platforms, set up a home classroom, and enjoy teaching.

How do I create a training course?

Choose a topic, set goals, outline, script, use an authoring tool, add assessments, publish, share, and collect feedback.