Richie Akiva: Butter Group Founder Richi Akiva Net Worth

Richie Akiva

Recently updated Richie Akiva’s net worth, his life, and his profession. He is also known as a King of New York City nightlife

New Yorker Richie Akiva is a 43-year-old hustler famous as “Nightclub Prince.” His date of birth is 19-9-1976. He is 5 feet 5 inches in height. He started his professional life as a businessman with a clothing company at 16.


He started his business life by taking charge of the cash registration department of his father and uncle’s successful clothing businesses. To immerse himself in nightlife, he started his nightlife career as an organizer in 1995 by joining a rap group. 

Butter Group was founded by Richie Akiva in 2002 with his partner Scott Sartiano. Now, Akvia is the Acting chief executive here after his partner’s tragic death.  Butter Group includes Butter Restaurant, 1Oak, and Up and Down.  His nightclubs are located in several American cities, including Las Vegas, Mexico City, Los Angeles, and New York.

In addition, many pop-up clubs, such as Richie Akiva, are famous for hosting superstar presences in Cannes, Miami, and other big cities. Now, he is planning to extend his business by launching a luxury gym named the BIA Force. He is a person full of Energy and excitement and a clever decision-maker.


Is Richie Akiva Net Worth Beatable?   

How much is Richie Akiva worth?

Akvia’s actual Net worth is 300,000 $. His source of earnings is the Nightlife and Hotel sector. Along with it, he also invested in many companies, such as upscale fitness centers, eateries, and apparel labels. These investments contributed a lot to his impressive wealth.

He gained fame in both the Entertainment and business worlds. Definitely, along with his remarkable abilities to deal with a number of businesses, credit goes to his Luck. Abdul Kalam’s quote, “Effort never Dies,” perfectly suits Richie Akvia. 

How did he earn his fortune? 

When Akiva was 19 years old, he started his career as a nightlife promoter in New York City. At the start, he and his partner, Scott Sartiano, launched the club SPA. After its success, using their own money, they established “The Butter Group” in 2002 and launched Butter (first club). The club was a great success and attracted famous people from all over the world to perform there.

With a group of investors, Akiva launched 1OAK in New York in 2006, slowly expanding; today, the brand is present in Southampton, New York, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and Mexico City. He later opened “Up & Down” in New York City. Stars who visited his clubs include Justin Bieber, Nas, Jay Z, Rihanna, Kate Moss, Jennifer Lopez, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Naomi Campbell.
He’s been a friend of Naomi Campbell and Jay Z, and credit goes to his connection-building abilities.

How does he manage his money? 

  • Richie Akiva spends a large part of his money on his nightclubs.
  • Akiva has a curious nature. In order to keep a pulse on what is happening in New York City, he is used to investing in lunch meetings.
  • He donates to several charities and high-host profile fundraisers.
  • Also, he donates their venue to several organizations free of charge for their events.
  • At Christmas, along with his friends, he hosted a toy drive for underprivileged children from Fulton Projects.
  • He takes the children on day trips to upstate New York and New Jersey so that they can explore nature. Thanks to his humble Nature!
  • Also, he donates to block parties in the Chelsea community.
  • On “National Night Out of Crime,” he provides food and beverages to the 10th precinct.

Richie Akiva’s Life

Where does he live? 

Akiva was born in Tribeca, a neighborhood in lower Manhattan, NYC. In his entire life, he has traveled all over the world and, for a short period of time, lived in Los Angeles, but New York has always been his lovely place. Once, a reporter asked him to define New York in 3 words, and he said Electric Electric, and Euphoric. Best city in the world. He belongs to Boricuas and Jewish ethnicity.

Akvia got his graduation degree from Dwight School, and at the age of 16, he started a clothing line with the name Danucht. In 2023, he was living in Greenwich Village.

What does he enjoy doing in his free time? 

  • Creativity is Akiva’s unique property. He is an Artistic mastermind. So, he spends most of his free time creating aesthetically beautiful and unique venues that attract guests.
  • Traveling all around the world is Akiva’s hobby. He is used to doing this in his free time.
  • Music is Akiva’s passion. He is a music producer. The kid inside Akiva is a melodic house and techno producer. He started his music journey with Jaco Pastorius.

What are his values and beliefs? 

  • Entrepreneurship and innovation are Richie Akiva’s values and beliefs. The credit for his business success goes not only to his abilities to judge and make decisions but also to his hard work.
  • From his actions, it can be concluded that he believes in loyalty and strong relationship-building.

Richie Akiva’s Profession

What is his main profession? 

His main profession is in the hospitality industry. Richie Akiva, King of Nightclub, aims for venue creation and entrepreneurship. A few of his Venues include 1OAK, Up and Down and Butter. His venues are remarkable pieces of art and attract celebrities all over the world. He also has contributions to luxury gyms and clothing brands. But the primary goal is the entertainment and hospitality industry. 

What are his other professions? 

  • He has a clothing brand. Along with his main professions, he manages it.
  • His portfolio includes investments in luxury gyms and restaurants.
  • He is an Event planner.
  • People new in the industry consider him as their mentor. And ask him for consultants.

What are his achievements and recognitions? 

Akiva’s Internationally expanded Nightclubs like 1OAK, Up and Down, and Butter are his iconic achievements and recognitions. He has built strong connections with most celebrities with his loyalty and professional nature. This contributed much to his success. Akiva is mostly the main headline of most magazines, newspapers, and TV channels, dissolving his iconic personality. 

How did Richie Akiva start his career in nightlife and hospitality?

Richie Akiva started on his journey in the hospitality and night entertainment sector at the mere age of 19. It was then that he began promoting parties at Amy Sacco’s famed club, Lot 61. 

Sacco was stricken by Akiva’s knack of drawing high profiles, composed of popular celebrities, sought-after supermodels, lyrically gifted rappers, and prolific artists. 

Attracted by the prospects of owning his own venture, Akiva decided to join forces with Scott Sartiano, and together, they inaugurated their very own club, Butter, in 2002. Akiva didn’t just stop there. He ventured further and extended his empire by launching 1 Oak, Up & Down, and impressively, The Ned NoMad.

How is Richie Akiva involved with The Ned NoMad?

Richie Akiva serves as the creative director and head of brand management for The Ned NoMad. This entity is a membership-based hotel and club in Manhattan operating under the Membership Collective Group. 

In June 2022, he collaborated with Ron Burkle and Nick Jones, the establishers of Soho House, to inaugurate The Ned NoMad. His role encompasses holistic supervision of all aspects of the club and hotel, incorporating programming, entertainment, menu creation, membership coordination, and cultivating the guest experience.

What are some of the celebrities and influencers that Richie Akiva has worked with?

In the field of music and entertainment, Richie Akiva has had the privilege of catering to several high-profile names during his events. 

Prominent figures, including Justin Bieber, Jay Z, Rihanna, Leonardo DiCaprio, Naomi Campbell, Kate Moss, and Jennifer Lopez, among others, have graced his gatherings. 

Akiva’s expertise further extends to arranging extravagant festivities for popular global happenings such as the Met Gala, the Super Bowl, and grandeur celebrations in Cannes and Ibiza.

What are some of the charitable causes that Richie Akiva supports?

Richie Akiva actively contributes to a diverse range of philanthropic efforts, providing support to charity events like the elaborate CARE Gala, globally renowned organizations such as Unicef and Amfar, and specialized nonprofit galas like Rhonda’s Kiss Cancer. 

He extends his benevolence towards environmental and animal welfare organizations, initiatives directed towards children’s education, and various local community groups. 

His contributions are holistic and extend beyond financial donations, as he devotes his time, channels his resources, and harnesses his influential network to promote awareness and secure funding for these honorable causes.

Final Analysis   

RICHIE AKIVA is a business tycoon and a nightclub king. His main profession is industry hospitality. Along with that, he is an Event producer, clothing brand manager, venue creator, and investor in many luxury hotels.

His favorite restaurant is Butter. Favorite cultural events include the NY Fashion Event, Met Gala, Christmas Tree Lighting, and Thanksgiving Day Parade. Akiva’s Net worth is 300,000 $. He started his business life at the age of 16. He is really an inspiration for those who are eager to do something great in their life.

He is involved in many kinds of projects, so he multitasks, too. Really Adorable. Are you also inspired by Him? Do you also want to be successful like Him? Do you have your future plans? If Yes, then I  have great news for you. Come closer. Richie Akiva is a consultant. 

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