Top 10 Physics and Math Tutor Providers in the UK

top 10 tutor provider in uk

Math and physics serve as building blocks in the practical field. Both provide great career opportunities in engineering, banking, technology, research, analysis, etc. As technology increasingly shapes our diverse universe, the demand for physics and math tutor providers grows. Studying math or physics in university provides a distinctive understanding of the universe. Few fields continually make discoveries and advancements central to the core subjects.

Many leading countries, including the UK, are known for physics and math-related education. There is a high demand for math and physics in the UK in many fields, such as Data analysis, renewable energy, healthcare, and engineering.

This article aims to develop an awareness of the importance of physics and math education in the UK and provide the ease of approaching good tutors related to these subjects on one platform. Here we are going to explore the top 10 physics and math tutor providers in the UK in detail but first of all, we need to explore the criteria to select a proficient tutor service. 

Criteria for Selection

The main goal of a tutor is to aid students in understanding and learning subject material from the course. Expert tutors specialized in their subjects. You must check out the tutor’s credentials to find the top tutor. 


Ensure that potential tutors are vetted based on qualifications. Ideally, a tutor should be highly qualified to brilliantly transfer his knowledge to his students. So, a tutor should have a bachelor’s degree in the relevant field. A teacher can’t make his students understand the technical points and vigorous formulas if he doesn’t have higher education in maths and physics. 


The second thing to consider while choosing a tutor is “Teaching Experience.” It matters a lot. A tutor with wide experience knows how to tackle different types of mentalities of the students. It is not necessary that they played the role of a tutor exactly in their previous career. They may play the role of a teacher assistant, and maybe they perform their duty in other teaching-related fields, like checking the annual papers of the students. 

Teaching style

Another factor that is highly important to consider and plays a pivotal role in student learning is the tutor’s teaching style. Sometimes, a teacher can present highly technical knowledge in a quite simple and exciting way. They use their storytelling ability to keep the students engaged. They may also use some funny visuals or words while keeping everything professional. In that way, students always feel more closer to that particular teacher. In multiple cases, they like the subject just because of that teacher. 


A tutor’s flexibility matters a lot. Here, flexibility means flexibility in his/her attitude, actions, dealing with students, etc. In a strict education environment, you produce only crammers. While in a flexible environment, you produce genius people. These people learn everything well using their deep cognitive skills as they don’t feel burdened. They accept the change happily. 

So, based on these criteria, you need to do thorough research to find the right fit for your learning needs. Finding a high-level Math and physics tutor can be straightforward with targeted search methods. Start by browsing tutoring platforms that specialise in the required subjects. In addition, online forums or community bulletin boards may provide leads. We have compiled the top 10 physics and math tutor providers in the UK in the following sections, keeping in mind the common needs and requirements of the students. Let’s explore. 

The Top 10 Physics and Math Tutor Providers in the UK

1. Quantum Educators

It is among the top English, Math, Economics, Science, and 11-plus coursework providers. The company is recognized for its excellent instruction and creative teaching approaches. Through knowledge building for academic curricula and practical experience opportunities, Quantum Education Services equips students for rich and productive lives. 

Unique selling points

  • Innovative Curriculum
  • Experienced Educators
  • Creative Teaching Approaches
  • Practical Experience Opportunities
  • Comprehensive Subject Coverage
  • Preparation for Advanced Studies
  • Focus on Rich and Productive Lives

2. The Math Masters

The Math Master platform capabilities included fully worked-out solutions to problems as well as real-time expert guidance. It helps with all types of math, such as basic math, arithmetic, high school math, pre-algebra, algebra, trigonometry, geometry, statistics, economics, plane geometry, solid geometry, calculus, pre-calculus, functions, and trig functions.

Student success stories

  • One of the students of Math Master, named “Mary” gives two thumbs up to this tutor provider and said that its easy-to-use interface, quick solutions, and expert chat have boosted my confidence in tackling math problems,
  • Albert and John highly recommended the Math Master site as it proves to be a game changer for him. He said that it’s like having a personal math tutor in his pocket. The step-by-step justification helps him understand the concept better.
  • Marta’s secret weapon to pass the math test is The Math Master.

3. Newton’s Tutors

Newton’s tutors have a unique approach to elaborating complex theories in a quite simple and easily absorbable way for their students. They build a solid understanding from the ground to make you an expert in physics. Their practical approaches not only teach you to learn theories but also teach you how to implement such theories in a contemporary world. 

At Newton’s Tutors, both tutors and students can upload documents and files in preparation for lessons. Students also have the option to record lessons for later review and can revisit important discussions and concepts during lesson playback. 

4. Principal Tutors


This award-winning service provider also guides UK students of all levels. Their key subjects are english and math. Science subjects from primary to university level are also included in their criteria. Their fee structure starts from £34/hr. The teachers are highly qualified and know the technicalities of all science subjects.

Unique Selling Points: 

Principal Tutor has the title of best tutoring company of 2023. Their smooth and trusty hiring procedure matches only qualified mentors for UK students. The personal support system of this platform allows the learners to book their trainer according to their subject and preferences.

Important for Students: 

Engaging students can attain a comprehensive guide to achieving their goals. This platform’s home tutors and online trainers guide the students in their educational journey.  The trained coaches deliver clear concepts about calculus problems. Students get a detailed understanding of the numerical problems of Physics.

5. Maths And Physics with Toni


Toni offers personalised tuition for math and physics. Toni has a base set up in South Wimbledon, London. However, it also has remarkable capabilities in public schools in the UK, Australia, and Croatia. Toni has a specialisation in mathematics at KS3-KS5 levels. The expert team provides qualified tutors, and UK students can get tailored lesson plans that fit their needs.

Unique Selling Points: 

Toni has a degree of master level in mathematics and physics. Due to his successful journey and brilliant track record, Tony has the status of a qualified teacher. Toni’s students have proceeded with their intelligence at top universities in London.

Important for Students: 

By selecting Maths and Physics with Tony UK, students can open new boundaries in their minds. They can gain excellent grades in their education career. For students who want to improve their math and physics skills, Toni is an ideal choice for them. 

6. TutorExtra Ltd

TutorExtra LTD is cooperative for both students and teachers. The user-friendly website helps to trace the nearby coaches, personal trainers, and instructors for math and physics. The platform also arranges face-to-face meetings between learners and trainers. The website is not only a trusted provider for physics and math. 

However, it allows the user to tailor a trainer from over 900 subjects related to different fields. TutorExtra is a world of learning that has been working successfully since 2018.

7. Superprof

Superprof is not bounded in the UK but offers its services globally. The platform helps UK students interact with expert teachers from every corner of the world. Its extensive network allows the students to search for the best mentor for their math and physics subjects. The attractive feature of this educational management is the time flexibility. Students and teachers can set the learning sessions according to their preferred hours. The user-friendly website provides detailed information about tutors and students. This information helps in tracking the desired tutor for the needed subject.

8. London Maths, Physics & Chemistry Tutors

London Maths, Physics & Chemistry Tutors provides expert tutoring in engineering subjects. The trainers have a comprehensive grip on physics, mathematics, and chemistry. They help UK students understand the complicated chemical reactions of Chemistry. They help in understanding the following Courses:

  • BTEC
  • HND
  • A Level
  • GCSE
  • BSc
  • MSc

9. Kip McGrath Tutoring Burnley South

The target subjects of Kip McGKiprath Tutoring Burnley South are math and English. Students of all ages can seek help from expert tutors on this platform. The primary and secondary level education of UK students is their focus. The prominent feature of this learning station is a free assessment of new students. They assess the skills and learning abilities of upcoming students to guide them in their respective fields.

10. MDX Tutors

English, math, and science at all levels are the subjects enlisted by MDX Tutors. The experienced team of extensive subjects is the real pride of MDX. They help to improve the weaknesses of students and assess their interest level in subjects. At MDX, students can engage with multiple resources. The assessment process helps to assess their academic improvement. The unique teaching methodology of experts helps UK students to gain the desired ranks in education careers.

Final Thoughts

So, while searching for the top 10 physics and math tutors in the UK, make sure to do comprehensive research. Visit multiple blogs and articles written about these sources, as well as their own websites and social media pages, to learn more about themselves.

Compare each service’s specifications, what it will cost you, why you should choose this specific service out of all the rest, and what you will get from it. Always consider a service that consists of experienced tutors with a flexible attitude. It will help you excel fast in the relevant field.

Similarly, make sure that your tutor has enough knowledge to answer your queries easily. If you keep such criteria in mind, you will get the best service that will make you love your subject rather than feel annoyed reading it.