The Rise of Trend T5 Router

The Rise of Trend T5 Router

Looking for a device that best delivers accurate and reliable cuts? Here, your search can be put to a full stop. The Trend T5 router is engineered to deliver all this. Ranging from hinge cutting to timber profiling to dovetailing, the Trend T5 routers are the perfect devices. Coming in a compact design and lightweight, the Trend T5 routers are multifunctional tools. Grab the utmost accuracy in intricate cutting jobs thanks to the Trend T5 routers.

The Trend T5 speed router with 240 high-speed voltage comes in a complete kit box. The kit box contains full electronic variable control of spindle speed under load that gives it a fine finish over all types of materials used. The router also has a soft start feature that makes it capable of eliminating sudden movements of the machine on start-up. So, ranging from cutting to shaping to trimming materials, these routers are all that you have been looking for. Therefore, The Trend T5 1000W is the right option for those who want a remarkable router with many useful features and an affordable price.

The T5 Trend router is a perfect device for trimming, cutting, and shaping many materials including wood, laminates, plastic, metal, and other such materials. It is the one piece that is able to cut anything with precision and utmost neatness. The router is compact in design and is a lightweight multifunctional tool for precise cutting with accuracy. The cutters in the device are sharp enough to cut through any material placed beneath it. The cutters are sharp and have two adjustable rod side fence that ensure a straight edge on every cut. The design of the router has been upgraded recently, making it more precise in cutting. The upgraded design makes it easier to use for the customers.

Trend T5EB/MK2 1000W 1/4” Variable Speed Router 240V

Single-handled plunge control

Trend T5EB/MK2 1000W 1/4” Variable Speed Router 240V is engineered to ensure accurate and fast cut delivery thanks to its high performance and lightweight plunge router containing a classic single-handle plunge control. Single-handled plunge control is best for intuitive cutter depth adjustment.


Its 50mm plunge depth makes it a perfect weighing router. This lightweight router is an ideal device for lock faceplate recessing.

Spindle lock

Suitable for dovetailing, hinge cutting, and timber profiling, it features a spindle lock for easy cutter changes. The spindle lock helps prevent the router from moving or turning. It helps to keep the router fixed without having fear of changing its position. While losing or removing the collet nut, a spindle lock is used to lock the armature, tending to be the locking mechanism.  

Lock-on clip

Lock-on clips are the insert rings that are the perfect accessory for a table router. Its lock-on clip makes it perfect for table use. hold the power on while using it in a router table. Designed with a snap-lock mechanism, the routers do not need any woodworking router accessory tools. The functioning of the router plate is boosted with it.   

Micro-adjustable side fence

Its other feature encompasses the micro-adjustable side fence along with the 0.1mm increments. These features boost the accurate edge rebating, molding, and grooving.

5-level variable speed control

Set the pace of cutting to control the application precisely as per the material and requirements with its 5-level variable speed control.

Plunge depth limiter

Another great feature is the plunge depth limiter that makes and prevents over-cutting easier than ever before.

Trend Base Configuration

Its superb feature, which is a standardized pattern to fix holes, the Trend Base Configuration, allows the routers to be compatible with a range of accessories and jigs.

3-position rotating turret

Want repeatable batch or stepped cutting? Not an issue anymore. Its 3-position rotating turret enables pre-setting the plunge depth limits.

Anti-scratch base plate

The router is made up of phenolic materials. It has an anti-scratch base plate that offers a low-friction routing experience to the user making it easy to use.

ER style collet

One of the best features of the Trend T5 router is its safety. It is safe from damage as its ER Style Collet feature contains a double-locking safety design that helps prevent accidental cutter ejection. The multi-spline profile helps with concentric clamping to the cutter shank.


Adjustable twin rod parallel side fence

Clip-in dust extraction port

Lock-on clip for table use

Single-handled plunge control

plunge depth limiter

Trend Base Configuration

ER Style Collet

1000W soft start motor

Full wave electronics

Twist lock handle

Speed control dial

Sliding power switch

Spindle lock

3-position rotating turret

Anti-scratch base plate

If you are looking for a good router with multiple features, long-term use, and affordable price then the Trend T5 router with 240v high-speed is all that you need. The router is fast and delivers efficiency at its maximum. The user will not find any problem whilst using it. for more surety, a 3-year warranty is also given. You can claim in case the router gets damaged or has any other technical issue, and your device will surely either be repaired or changed in accord with the damage.

The delivery is open 24/7 and the router can be ordered any time of the day or night. Another good part of buying a T5 router alongside its many other plus points is that the device is delivered to your doorstep if you want. The delivery is free of charge if you are buying above 50 pounds.  

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