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Winter Garden

Winter Garden: a beautiful story that has ranked as the number one international seller is a remarkable, thrilling, and compelling novel that illuminates the intricacy of mother-daughter bonds and how they have endured links between past and present. Winter Garden keeps a lyrically written novel that has been suggested to be in every bookworm bucket list as the story is intriguing with suspense and thriller that keep you hooked up to know what’s next throughout the end.

The story revolves around the two sister duo who are as different as they could have been. The two sisters are the east and west when it comes to personality; one sister (Meredith Whitson) stayed at home to raise her family and managed the family apple orchard, dedicating her life for the betterment of her family while the other sister Nina Whitson focuses on her career and dream to travel the world to become a photojournalist.

Winter Garden Story Interesting Thing

The story gets interesting when Meredith and Nina come together at their father’s deathbed standing alongside their cold, disapproving mother Anya who has a strange relationship with both of her daughters and even her husband who is counting his breaths on deathbed.

Winter Garden is a captivating mystery story of three ladies written by one of the greatest novelists of all time: Kristin Hannah. Kristin Hannah was born on September 25th, 1960, in Southern California. The author lived near the beach making sandcastles and surfing on the beach like any other kid. She was just like another kid except for the fact that she was more intellectual and had a creative imagination.

Kristin Participation

Kristin used to view things differently because of her wide spectrum of imagination. When she was eight years old, her father took the family to Western Washington where she took admission in a nearby school and pursued her studies. She was a good student with satisfactory class performance. Kristin worked in a trendy advertising agency in her adolescence when she finally decided to become a lawyer.

Kristin Hannah was pursuing her law career but felt that something is missing in her life. The law was good but she felt the need to make her wild imagination reality. She wanted to pen everything she had in her mind because it was her way of exploring herself as well as the world. Nonetheless, her mother’s words reflecting a desire “but you’re going to be a writer” seemed unforgettable to her and at a point, stood as the motivation for her. And to see her at this position,

Hannah Final Year

Hannah’s mother began collaborating on a novel with Hannah. She realized it when her mother was fighting the battle of life and death after being diagnosed with cancer and Hannah was in the final year of law school. as every ending leads to a new beginning, her mother took her last sighs to dig up a new path for Hannah. It was the time when she finally decided to dedicate her life to writing, leaving her previous profession. Then, she collected all the stuff and put it all in a box.

She got married and kept continuing her field of law. She got pregnant and during her pregnancy, she read every book while staying at home. she began writing as her husband reminded her of the book, she commenced writing with her mother. By the time her son was born, she was done with her first draft.

Professional Climax in 1990

Hannah was courageous enough who believed in trying again and again instead of giving up on the first trial and at times, she was accompanied by motivating individuals as well who motivated her to work harder and more even after repudiation. Having trustworthy and motivated people around her was also the reason she had become a shining star of novel writing. The 1990 was the year when the climax of her professional life took place, making her look ahead.

The American author, Kristin Hannah, surpassed her mother’s vision greatly. She earned a massive fan following after striving hard since in the beginning, she was not even known by her neighbors as a writer. After fall, the time of her rise came, and she wrote a book every year as a professional writer. She was aimed at crafting compelling stories and not just writing great literature. It’s pretty understood that the writing of an author is really a reflection of his life and the major happenings of lives.

Novel Based on Various Aspects

So, in all her novels, there is a depiction of love, loss, misery, tragedy, and recovery. All of Kristin’s novels are based on losing love and the tragedy of romance but the endings are beautifully motivating as they focus on recovery and discovery of yourself, self-esteem, and most importantly, your future. She focused on different relationships like parents, children, sisters, and best friends, diverting from the conventional intimate love.

Even connections among those relations are built, strengthened and then broken one day. Besides, her tales also contain the element of traditional love as well. She was the one who circumnavigated the encrusted landscape of the human heart, exploring different emotions for different relationships.

Kristin Hannah is a US-based But Famous in UK Too

Kristin Hannah is a US-based author who is not only widely recognized in the United States but all around the globe. The author is renowned by almost every individual who has good taste in novels. Kristin’s novels are thrilling, motivating, and compelling that keep you interested in the reading till the end. Her novels are not just words but an embodiment of true feelings, love, and intimate bonds that everyone has gone through at some time in their lives.

The author touches the points that all of us try to address but somehow feel afraid in doing so. She is an international sensational novelist with many award-winning novels.

Award Winning Author Kristin Hannah 9 Best Stories

The international blockbuster novels-writer, Kristin Hannah stood as an award-winning author. The author has given many bestsellers throughout the past years including Winter Garden, Another Life, The Women, Home Front, The Nightingale, The Four Winds, Wild, Firefly Plane, Fly Away, Night Road, True Colors, The Great Alone, and Between Sisters. Most of these novels have won many awards through the years and have been appreciated by extreme critics, newspapers, and publishers.