9 Best Microscope Apps For iPhone and Android 


Microscope Apps For iPhone and Android 

Today, everyone has access to smartphones that may be android or iphone and use them for playing games, entertainment, studying, texting etc. But iphone and Android phones also have a bundle of other advantages that we don’t know. 

So here we look at one of the astonishing features of Android and iphones cameras, that is we can use them as a “Magnifier”. So if you have an Android or iPhone just download these apps to enjoy the transformation of your phone camera as a small microscope. 

Additionally, that doesn’t mean that your phone’s magnifier works in the laboratory as a high resolution microscope. These apps will help you in performing daily basis tasks for that you just need a magnifier not a high proficiency microscope. 

Best Microscope Apps for iPhone and Android to Magnify Objects Comfortably

Magnifying small things, letters and exploring things now is easy for you by using these apps. Now your daily practice on magnifying will go in hands without any delay. After searching I am here with apps that can be used on both Android and iPhones. So hurry and download these amazing apps just in one click.

  1. Big Magnify 
  2. Microscope by Logsat Software LLC
  3. SuperVision + Magnifier
  4. Magnifying Glass ++
  5. Handy loupe –Magnifying Glass 
  6. Discover Microscope ⃒iTikes
  7. Magnifier glass or magnifier 
  8. Magnifier glass plus flashlight 
  9. NowYouSee Helping Color Blind


Big magnifier is the exclusive Apple user app with extraordinary magnifier property. Big magnifier can be used on IOS 10 and also compatible for older IOS additions IOS 7. This app has superb graphics quality that can be used for overlayed designed text reading. This is considered a microscope app for the iPhone due to its deep seated features. 


  • Freeze the present image with single click
  • Easily shared magnified image
  • Built in features are lock-focus, auto-focus and manual-focus options
  • Filters improve the visibility and readability of image
  • Conveniently, picture can be stabilized

Compatibility: older, IOS 10 or later

Price: Free ( Offer in  purchasing App) 

Microscope by Logsat Software LLC

Microscope by Logsat Software LLC is the simplest and easiest to use microscope app with a variety of best functions and you can easily download it on your iPhone. Microscope by Logsat Software LLC has a feature to work as a laboratory microscope due to its high magnification function by default it works as an electron microscope.


  •  You can use this app for the detection of animal or human skin to observe the skin cells or want to see any rash on skin by the zooming function of this app.
  •  Of course it can’t be a magnified image like a professional microscope but it’s quite impressive for detecting things or any image which you want to identify and cam oad the magnified image to a database of individual or specimen. 

Compatibility: IOS 3.1 or later

Price: Free 

SuperVision + Magnifier

SuperVision + magnifier is the only glass magnifier app in the market  with capability of live image stabilization. Image shaking was a common problem mostly for old people but now no more this problem will be while using a magnifier app. If you have a problem of seeing far and too close images then a magnifier with super vision is the app for seeing clearer and better. 


  • Active stabilization of image
  • Prominent and visible button
  • Image can be freeze at high resolution
  • Stabilize the image to vertical and horizontal for reading
  • Can be used by one or both hands

Compatibility: require IOS 8.0 or later

Price: Free

Magnifying Glass ++

Magnifying glass is the modified app for the latest IOS and Android phones. It improves the zoom power and sharpness.  Magnifying Glass  helps in hands- on learning in the classroom. It supports both Android and iPhones. And the level of light is adjustable.


  • Can read small writing on bottles
  • Can read menu in restaurants extremely dimly light
  • Can read small texts without your glasses

Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.3 or later and Android phone

Price: Free

Handy loupe –Magnifying Glass 

This magnifying glass app is easy to use and shows images with high quality. Quick in use if you need it in a hurry. You can easily see distant and far objects with clarity. 


  • Quick start with auto focus
  • Shake reduction occurs in zoom image
  • Magnified image easily save and watch later
  • On dark places flashlight automatically turn On

Compatibility: require iOS 9.o or later

Price: Free 

Discover Microscope ⃒iTikes

There are many things and insects that we cant see through human eye for that purpose microscope world forms the Discover Microscope ⃒iTikes app for childrens to see things around them. While discovering when your child finds any specimen then she/he can learn about them using apps learning systems for developing interest in your child. Learn your child by 3D images, animations and more interactively hear more fun facts about microscopic things. 


  • Use real lens with microscope
  • Explore and enlarge small bugs, animals, and plants with a click
  • Especially made for children

Compatibility: requires iOS 3.1.3 or later 

Price: Free

Magnifying Glass / Magnifier

Magnifier / magnifying glass is an app especially for iPhone users. Magnifiers  have a feature of zooming images up to x4 by sliding. This app uses the integrated camera for the enlargement of images. You can also use the camera flashlight for flash to see clear images. This app enables you to learn how pocket sized microscopes work that are ready to use for performing functions. 


  • Easy Auto focus 
  • Zooming factor change up to to 4x
  • Use flash light for better sight

Compatibility: Requires iOS 8.0 or later

Price: Free

Magnifier glass plus flashlight 

Magnifier glass plus flashlight app is easy to use and turn your camera into a microscope. This digital microscope app is used for both Android and iPhone. Additionally, it zooms and illuminates whatever comes in front of the camera with high proficiency. 


  • Use mobiles flashlight for clear and improved zooming
  • Magnifying glass with high quality
  • Easily read menu and small letters
  • Digital magnifier and LED flashlight

Compatibility: iOS 10.0 or later and Android

Price: Free (Offer in App Purchases)

NowYouSee Helping Color Blind 

The most helpful and interesting thing we have here is NowYouSee Helping Color Blind that you can get on both iphone and Android which is specially designed for the color blinded people. This app will allow you to continue your daily tasks in which you face problems that belong to colors.  NowYouSee Helping Color Blind app has microscopic slash and magnifying glass. Everyone can easily use this app to enjoy their features like zooming texts, flashlight and filters with different colors. 


  • Color blinds people can use three stimulation filters to see world through eyes
  • You can check name of colors by pointing out color
  • Battery friendly with real time color conversion
  • Shoot video and make photo with automatically adjusted colors

Compatibility: Android and iOS 9.0 or later

Price: Free ( In App Purchases)


Always you dont carry a magnifier or microscope with you for doing basic tasks like reading menus, reading small bottles etc in your daily routine. But the phone that is always with you. So to resolve these problems developers made such apps that carry your load and make work easy for you. This article has the best apps for magnification. And the best app is also included for the color blinds. Additionally, get these on iPhone and Android both.