Top 11 World’s Best Cat Litter UK

Best Cat Litter UK

Are you looking for what is the best cat litter UK? Well, the answer is not simple. Cats can be fussy and choose whatever they like as there is no such thing as ‘the best’ for animals.

Moreover, there may be more than a hundred types of different cat litter brands and flavors being sold in the markets of the United Kingdom and it makes it super hard to choose cat litter for your little friend. So, if you are a first-time cat owner or want to change your cat’s already existing cat litter, here are a few options gathered by surveying many cat litter in the UK.

Dr Else’s Ultra

Dr Else’s Ultra is amongst the best cat litter in the UK. The litter produces very little dust and clumped very well. It is also remarkable at trapping odors and tracks very little. When you pour it into the little tray, it gives no specific odor with only a natural smell, and it smells pretty much the same even when it gets soaked in urine. The brand claims to be 99.99% dust-free, which seems to be true as there is very little dust when pouring into the litter tray. This best cat litter UK didn’t set like concrete but is very easy to scoop after a few minutes when your little pet goes to the pet friendly park or toilet.

Catsan Hygiene Plus

Cat owners will find many advantages while buying Catsan Hygiene Plus. It is the UK’s best non clumping cat litter and is amongst the most popular ones. It is non-clumping, very affordable, easy to pour, and contains very little dust. Catsan Hygiene is not a usual clay litter but is made up of quartz, dust, and chalk. One of the unique features of this cat litter is that it is white in color instead of gray which gives a very neat and fresh look to your cat’s litter house.

Scooping poop is congenial, and it does a good job is absorbing urine. It has no-odor formula which means it locks off the stink and keeps the area smell-free. the litter is lightweight and can be tracked a bit. Overall, it’s a good investment!

For cat owners who seek extra convenience, Catsan Hygiene Smart Packs are a good option to go for as they are ready-made tray liners filled with litter, making cleaning the litter tray easy. This litter is convenient to use as you only have to remove the old liner, tie it up, and bin it, followed by replacing it with a new liner. The liners come with an absorbent layer that soaks up any urine that the litter missed out, making it very handy to use.

CJ’s Kitten Friendly Litter

CJ’s Kitten Friendly Litter is one of the best litter for not only adult cats but for kittens. In fact, the litter is specifically designed for kittens. It is made from milled pine and all the dust has already been extracted from it, making it very suitable to breathe for kittens and cats. It is also soft on kittens’ sensitive feet because of its fine material.

The flakes in the litter are very porous which means that it is super absorbing and will not smell even if it’s full of urine. Non tracking clumping in nature, CJ’s kitten litter is easy enough to scoop when you scoop the poop out. The litter is antibacterial and prevents the build-up of germs and bacteria that can be harmful to your little pet.

Simply Natural Tofu Best Cat Litter

As the name suggests, this litter is made up of tofu which is totally edible for cats in fact cats enjoy it. it is regarded as one of the best non-tracking cat litter in the UK. As the litter is made up of tofu, it is perfect to be used for curious cats who want to take a bite of everything they have around. It is dust-free, so it is completely safe for the cat’s lungs. It is non-tracking and as the litter is made up of pellets instead of granules, it does not get stuck in your little animal’s paws or fur.

The tofu litter clumps well, making the poop scooping congenial. it controls odors well so even if you want to take a whiff from inside the litter, it will not stink. The best part of using Simply Natural Tofu Cat Litter is that it can be disposed of in a number of ways including flushing it out which is usually not a recommended way to dispose of cat litter by vets. The other disposing methods include throwing it in the bin, composting it, and putting it in your green waste bin.

The World’s Best Cat Litter

This is best to use if you have more than one cat who all share a little box. It has very little dust which makes it easy for your cat to breathe easily. Made up of corn kernels, it’s super absorbent and forms clumps that trap odor easily and are easy to scoop out. The grains in the litter are small and lightweight and therefore track a little. This litter can be composted off or can be put in the green waste.

if you want your cat to experience something different then trying out lavender scented version of the litter is a good option.

Sanicat Diamonds

This litter is good to use for cats whose urine and poop smell more than usual because it has an odor-control function. It is an aloe silica cat litter, and it works differently than other types of litter. It dowses up urine, locking in the smell. Silica has the ability to dry up moisture via evaporation. 

This makes it super easy to scoop out wet litter and because there is no wet litter to scoop, it lasts longer than any other type of non-clumping cat litter UK. Sanicat Diamond is also absorbent and easy to pour. It’s dust-free and contains large granules, making it non-tracking. So, buying Sanicat Diamond for your cat is a good use of money thatis  worth the price.

Cat’s Best Original Litter

Regarded as the best eco-friendly cat litter, the best original is made from secondary raw wood. It is a by-product of the timber industry and is PEFC-certified which means it comes from sustainable forests. Using wood fibre technology ‘Intelligent Capillary System’, the litter is amongst favorites by cats. It is super absorbent and easy to scoop clumps.

Ever Clean Litter

Cats are usually not very fond of scented litter but there might be exceptions out there. Ever Clean litter is the best-scented litter in the UK with a floral smell which most cats like amongst all scented versions of litter. Scents are very light so maybe it is the reason that cats like clean scents.

This litter also has ‘Paw Activation’ which means the scent isn’t released until your cat is digging in their own litter. Another technology it uses is ‘Activated carbon technology’ whose function is to trap unpleasant smells. It has very little dust and clumps very well, making scooping super easy.

As it is non toxic clumping, it lasts longer than any other cat litter in the UK. It did track because the litter’s granules are very fine. Overall, Ever Clean litter is amongst the best options to use for your pet right now.

Cat’s Best Oko Plus Cat Litter

Cat’s Best Oko is a wood-based clumping cat litter that is fully biodegradable. It is easy to compost and made up of 100% pure organic fibre. It clumps very well and smells great without the need for any additional fragrance. It traps odor effectively, manages to stay fresh, and lasts for a good period of time. It tracks outside the box despite clumping very well.

Biokat’s Diamond Cre Classic Cat Litter

It is a bit more expensive litter than others but totally worth the price. A very good quality litter with small granules that produce very little dust and clumps super good. Added aloe vera makes it more gentle on your cat’s paws. It has earned an Ecocare award for its work to minimize the environmental impact of its clay litter. It is made up of 100% natural clay source from open-mine casts in southern Germany.

Pettex Pampuss Woodbase Cat Litter

It is a recycled wood litter that is highly recommended by cat owners because of its super absorbency and lovely natural pine smell. The natural pine smell is dearest to cats and that is the reason this litter is very popular among cats. The litter is very good with the only exception that its pellets are quite large which although help in the prevention of track outside the tray, may not please your cat because they don’t clump and instead turn into a kind of mush.