The Reality of Roman God of Thunder: Zues or Zeus God

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Romans, Greeks, and Egyptians have their gods for everything. Few of the people search for Zues and majority search Zeus In this puzzles here is some authentic history collected information about the Roman God of Thunder Zeus or Zues. The God that controls birth, the god who is responsible for justice, the god for love and war and so on. Just like this, Romans have a god of thunder, referred to as ‘Jupiter’. Jupiter is said to be the god of the sky and thunder.

He was the king of the pantheon of dozens of deities including Neptune, Mars, and Venus and is worshiped as the greatest god of gods. Jupiter was very powerful and used to carry a shining thunderbolt to represent the almighty power he could wield.


Who is the Roman God of War? – Zeus or Zues

Jupiter is said to be closely related to the Greek god Zeus. In fact, he is just like Zeus in status. Jupiter and Zeus are considered the same who were known (Roman God of War) by two different names.

Jupiter was the Roman god of thunder who had complete control over the sky. Jupiter controls weather, rain, thunder, and storms. He was the head of all affairs and being the head of the Roman Pantheon, he had complete control over the matters of law, order, and kinship. The classical Roman civilization worshiped Jupiter as the patron deity of their state.

Roman God of War Origin

The origin of the Roman god can be traced back thousands of years ago. These Indo-Europeans trekked hundreds of miles to get defrayed in Europe. These people brought their own pantheon of deities which evolved over the centuries. This evolution led to classical mythologies and became great studies of all time as Roman and Greek mythologies are read and explored by history lovers from all across the world.

Even some universities offer courses on these mythologies, and you can be a mythologist in the relative subject pursuing your career as a lecturer, professor, or even a field researcher.


Zeus Symbol History Evidence

The Indo-Europeans settled across a vast swathe of area so the deities of pantheons across much of Afro-Eurasia are interlinked. Jupiter in particular can be traced to the Proto-Indo-European deity of the Sky Father or otherwise known as Dyeus-Pater. Jupiter literally  means ‘sky father’ as he is related to many other sky fathers as well including Zeus; the Greek god of sky and kinship, the Slavic Perun, the Nordic Thor who is god of thunder, the Egyptian Horus, and many more.

Over many past years, the name Dyeus-Pater which means ‘sky father’ evolved to Jupiter in Italy as the word Jupiter means Sky Father.

Jupiter had been known by various names by the Romans including Optimus Maximus, Jove, and Luppiter, and even Diespiter, all meaning ‘all-good’ and ‘all-powerful’.

Saturn God

It is believed that Jupiter became the most powerful god by replacing his father Saturn God and became the king of the gods himself. According to the classical Romans, Jupiter’s powers were infinite as he was the king of the gods and was able to do everything he wanted. However, due to its similarity and influence of Greek culture on ancient Rome, Jupiter was referred to as similar to Zeus.

The common idea about the throne is that Jupiter had taken the throne from his father Saturn God forcefully but unlike in Greek mythology, the Romans believed that it was a peaceful affair and Saturn God continued to be worshiped.

Zeus Children to Children Family Tree

Jupiter had a complex family tree like any other Roman or Greek god as they used to marry their sisters and fathered their children. Jupiter’s chief consort was his wife goddess Juno who was also his sister and the queen of the gods. She and Jupiter had two sons Mars who was the god of war and Vulcan who was the god of fire. Jupiter had a daughter named Minerva who was the goddess of wisdom and justice.

He had Minerva with the goddess Metis. Jupiter also fathered twin deities Diana and Apollo who were gods of moon and sun respectively. The great Hercules, who was the divine warrior, was also the son of Jupiter.

Bacchus – The God of War

Bacchus, the god of wine was also fathered by the god of thunder. These all children were out of wedlock with Juno, so they and their mothers used to be punished severely and brutally by Jupiter’s wife and sister Juno. Despite this, all these children inherited divine powers from their father and went on to play pivotal roles in the unfolding and continuation of Roman mythology.

Much like his counterpart Zeus and his ancestors, Jupiter had several affairs even when he was married to Juno. Poor Juno suffered from jealousy and fits of uncontrollable rage as she used to discover her husband’s affairs every other day. She would often dish out brutal and unexpected punishments to the women and their resulting children.

Who is the father of Jupiter in roman mythology?

If we talk about Jupiter’s immediate family then as mentioned earlier, Jupiter’s father was Saturn God, the king of gods. Saturn had Jupiter with Ops the goddess of wealth and abundance. Jupiter had five total siblings: two brothers and three sisters. Jupiter’s brothers were Neptune and Pluto who were responsible for ruling on the universe.

Jupiter shared power with his brothers where Neptune ruled over the seas and Pluto ruled over the underworld alongside Jupiter who ruled over the skies. Jupiter had three sisters as well including Vesta who was the goddess of the hearth, Ceres who was the goddess of agriculture, and Juno (also his wife) who was the goddess of fertility.

Climax in Short

Saturn, the father of Jupiter, was so worried that his children would overtake him that he ate them alive in one big gulp. However, Jupiter’s mother Ops was smart enough to replace children with a piece of cloth wrapped on a stone. So, when Saturn tried to eat Jupiter, he ate a stone and vomited. The vomiting caused him to throw his other children as well.

The children were very angry with their father because of the obvious reason so they all overthrew him for the act of treachery, the treatment he was afraid of the most. After that, the children divided the universe among themselves, making Jupiter to sit on the throne. 

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