Top 10 Grossing Movies of All Time in UK

Grossing Movies

One of the most preferred and relaxing entertainment is none other than the movie. Movies, which are a source of entertainment, are also a platform to spread the message. When it comes to being selective and choosing the top 10 grossing movies of all time UK, it must be synonymous with extra topping.

Thousands of movies have been made so far all around the world but very few have made it to the top. Movies have made billions of dollars due to glamorous casts, strong storylines, amazing directors, and huge productions. One can find a long list of good movies that have made billions so far, however, in this article the top 10 grossing movies of all time that are worth watching are discussed.

1.    Avatar

One of the best directors in the film industry, James Cameron, directed the megahit, Avatar. This masterpiece was released in 2009. The movie ranked as the highest-grossing film of the following year with $2.92 billion box office business.

Avatar is a fictional film, revolving around an imaginary world of avatars, blue alien-like creatures who wanted to defend their territory that the humans wanted to take from them. An exceptional piece of direction that displays patriotism and love for the territory.

2.    Avengers; The End Game

Although all of the Avengers movies have smashed the box office, Avengers; The End Game has broken its own records. The Endgame series brightened the cinemas in 2019 and became a sudden hit, worshipped by every Marvel lover. The movie earned $2.80 billion, leaving behind every other Avengers record.

Avengers is loved by everyone who loves to see superheroes in action. From Iron Man to hulk, and Spiderman to Doctor Strange, Avengers is a movie that hooked you up till the end. The strongest audience-engaging part? An unbeatable purple beast who wanted nothing else but to smash our world in the snap of a finger. A worthwhile watch for everyone!

3.    Avatar; The Way of Water

Avatar: The Way of Water is the sequel of Avatar that holds fourth position in the top grossing movies of all time in UK. With a huge box office business of $2.31 billion, the movie was a megahit. The plot revolves around Jake and Ney’tiri and their children as they are forced to leave their homes while defending their territory.

4.    Titanic

Titanic had ruled the film industry with record-breaking box office business when other films were making thousands of dollars only as the movie had a box office business of $2.22 billion which is gigantic in the year of 1997. Titanic is revolving around the drowning of the magnificent Titanic cruise. The movie tells the love story of a cruise-made couple Jack and Rose

5.    Star Wars: The Force Awakens

The Return of the Jedi was released in 1983 and stood as the 7th film in the Skywalker Saga. The movie Star Wars is a sequel to The Jedi and was publicized 30 years after the first movie in 2013 and became a colossal success with a grossing business of $2.07 billion. The movie gained a hit ranking for being received very well by the critics on the basis of its amazing cast and strong storyline.

6.    Avengers: Infinity War

A great tug of ruling between all of the Avengers and the greatest villain of all time, Thanos, Infinity War is the cliffhanger. The movie is a rollercoaster of many genres including suspense, thriller, emotions, weapons, defense, and of course war. Avengers: Infinity War crossed the $2 billion mark by doing business for more than $2.05 billion.

7.    Spiderman: No Way Home

Spiderman is an all-time favorite of everyone and that is the reason every sequel of the movie becomes a smash hit as soon as it was released. The movie was a super hit with a box office business of $1.92 billion as the nostalgia of watching Peter Pan turning into Spiderman hits everyone. A true entertainment that kids and elders both want to enjoy. Spiderman also managed to break the record of Avatar’s long-running spot of the highest-grossing at the domestic box office.

8.    Jurassic World

In the Jurassic Park film series, Jurassic World is the fourth franchise installment.  This installment made $1.67 billion and so became the second highest-grossing movie of 2015. The movie best represents action, adventure, science-fiction, and thriller. Jurassic World is wholly a new experience for people who have been planning to see some exotic dinosaurs in action. The movie narrates the story set 20 years after the events of Jurassic Park, having a fully functioning dinosaur-themed park that people from all across the world come to see. Things get out of hand when ultimately these dinosaurs manage to escape.

9.    The Lion King

Another nostalgic masterpiece, The Lion King is the movie made out of the animated version of The Lion King. A beautiful story replete with sentiments, love, and betrayal, The Lion King received praise for its realistic visual effects and music. The movie earned $1.6 billion at the worldwide box office and was a clear megahit with myriad nominees.

10. Barbie

The movie ‘Barbie’ addresses some of the highlighted prevailing issues in societies inculcating misogyny, patriarchy, equal rights, feminism, and self-love. Based on practicality and rationality, the content has made it to cross over $1.19 billion worldwide in cinemas. Featuring Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling, Barbie is a beautiful approach to how we are trapped in following body and beauty standards that are not even real. A true piece of art, Barbie is a must-watch for self-realization and self-love.


Directed by one of the greatest directors of all time, Christopher Nolan has an imaginative yet realistic approach to filmmaking, alluring audiences to the cinemas. Interstellar is said to be a remarkable masterpiece that narrates difficult topics including the theory of relativity, quantum physics, time travel, and black holes. The movie is not amongst the highest-grossed movies as it managed to cross only $700 million but is one of my favorites of all time because of its strong storyline as well as the concepts explained in the movie. A must-watch for astrology lovers!

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